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What is the definition of learning?

A change in behaviour based on experience


What is habituation?

The waning of a response to a repeated stimulus


What is sensitisation?

The increasing of a response to a repeated stimulus


What is the difference between operant and classical conditioning?

Classical is a trained response to a stimulus
Operant is learnt by itself through a desirable outcome- it is untrained


What is clicker training?

Started with dolphin training
Combining classical and operant conditioning
Pair the click to the treat


What is positive presentation of a stimulus?

Presentation of a pleasant stimulus or if it’s punishment it is the presentation of an unpleasant stimulus


What is negative presentation of a stimulus?

Removal of an aversive stimulus that increases the behaviour of interest, or the removal of a pleasant stimulus to decrease the behaviour of interest


When can problems occur in associative learning?

If the behaviour is associated with something else
Can effect behaviour, welfare and human animal relationship


What is extinction of a behaviour?

A conditioned response behaviour when not reinforced, can disappear


What is overshadowing/blocking?

When the association formed is so strong it can over shadow/block further learning


What is systematic desensitisation?

The animal is in comfortable conditions, exposed gradually to the problem stimulus and rewarded for staying calm/appropriate behaviour


What is counter conditioning?

Present rewarding stimulus at the same time as aversive, learns that aversive predicts good