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What is a phobia and give a behavioural example?

An extreme irrational fear of a specific object or situation- an extreme emotional response

Separation anxiety


What is almost always needed in order for a successful behaviour modification programme for separation anxiety?

Vet referral for pharmaceutical intervention


What is dog reactivity leash frustration?

Reactivity and aggression caused by frustration at not being able to follow through with previously reinforced behaviours- in this case gaining access to other dogs


What set up is used to reduce leash frustration?

Parallel walking, gradually reducing the distance as excitement diminishes


What body language in a dog shows they are telling someone to back off?

When the whites of the dogs eyes are showing


How can you increase the dogs ability to share?

Change the conditioned emotional response of human approach from negative to positive at earliest back off signal


What is a behavioural problem?

Any behaviour that is defined as a problem by the owner, a vet, by the law it has implications on the welfare of the animal


What are the initiating factors?

Those which culminated in the onset of the problem


What are the maintaining factors?

Those that serve to perpetuate the behaviour