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What does the family allow to work?

The patriarchy


According to MARXIST Feminists, what do the ruling-class do?

Exploit labour & domestic work.


According to MARXIST Feminists, what does women's unpaid domestic labour in the home help to do?

Make a productive & healthy male workforce.


What do some MARXIST Feminists argue men should have?

A salary that covers the cost of his work, as well as his wife's work at home which allows him to work effectively.



A_____ (19__) argues that due to the fact that ______ class ____ go to work and are _______ there due to the ________ taken place by the _______, they take it out on their _____ i.e _____ ______.

a) Ansley (1972)
b) working
c) males
d) unhappy
e) exploitation
f) bourgeoisie
g) wives
h) domestic abuse


List 3 criticisms of MARXIST Feminists.

Has traditional views of the nuclear family & ignores diverse family types.

Many families are dual-career.

Assumes all families have traditional gender roles.


What do RADICAL Feminists Delphy & Leonard (1992) argue a woman's role in a marriage is?

To 'flatter' her husband & provide emotional support for him, whilst men rarely perform this function.



Some radical feminists believe the ______ family must be ______ through using _______ technologies (i.e ___) to exclude _____ from families.

a) nuclear
b) abolished
c) reproductive
d) IVF
e) men



The Nuclear Family contributes to _______ _____ socialisation eg girls are born into families where ___ are at the ____ and women partake in ______ ______.

a) gender role
b) men
c) head
d) domestic labour


What are service sector jobs?

What did it open?

What did it increase?

Jobs which provide a service i.e nursing.

It opened lots of jobs for women in which they can see themselves working.

It increases the economic power of women.


What do liberal feminists recognise and praise?

Positive changes


Difference feminists criticise liberal feminists by claiming women experience life differently. Give an example regarding religious/cultural belief systems.

Patriarchal control of family life by men may be considered natural.


Difference feminists criticise liberal feminists by claiming women experience life differently. Give an example regarding class differences.

Middle-class women are less likely to be exploited by men/capitalism as they have the economic & cultural capital to challenge the patriarchy.


Radical feminists claim girls are ________ to believe _________ & _______ are _______ and therefore ______ the ______ of _______ life.

a) socialised
b) oppression & inequality
c) normal
d) accept
e) inequality
f) family


How do marxist feminists believe capitalism benefits from women?

Unpaid female work by caring for the next generation of workers.


Criticisms - while some families may be unequal and male-dominated, what is to be noted?

Some families exist that are much more equal.


Criticisms - POSTMODERNISTS feminists state women don't have to ______ ________ or make a _____ between ______ life & ______. Instead, they can take _______, resist _______ and _____ their own _______.

a) accept patriarchy
b) choice
c) family life
d) equality
e) initiative
f) oppression
g) assert
h) power