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TBW is what % of total body weight?

TBW is 50% TBW in women, 60% in men


Breakdown of TBW

2/3 ICF
1/3 ECF


What is the breakdown of ECF?

1/4 plasma, 3/4 interstitial fluid


At what rate should fluids be repleted in a hypovolemic patient?

BOLUS over 1st over is 20 cc/kg. Over next 8 hrs give maintenance rate + 1/2 remaining calculated deficit. Over next 16 hrs give maintenance rate + the other 1/2 remaining calculated deficit.


Super large amounts of NS can cause what metabolic state?

Hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis


Lactated ringer's can do what when given to pt with metabolic alkalosis?

Can worsen alkalosis when lactate is metabolized


How to estimate 3rd space fluid losses following abdominal surgery?

1 L per each quadrant of abdomen that is operated on, traumatized, or inflamed


IVF maintenance calculation?

4 ml/kg/hr for first 10 kg; 2 ml/kg/hr for next 10 kg; 1 ml/kg/hr for every kg above 20 kg


Calculate current body water

CBW = NBW (Normal Na/measured Na)


What is a normal urine output?

0.5 cc/kg/hr for adults, 1 cc/kg/hr for kids


What is kwashiorkor?

Protein malnutrition. Adequate fat reserves. Slight to no weight loss. Edema often presents. Measured proteins are low. Seen in acutely stressed patients.


What is marasmus?

Protein-calorie malnutrition. Fat and muscle wasting. Measured proteins are normal or slightly low. Seen in chronic malnutrition.


Mnemonic for elevated anion gap acidosis?

MUDPILES: methanol, metabolism inborn errors, uremia, DKA, paraldehyde, iron, isoniazid, lactic acidosis, ethylene glycol, salicylates, strychnine


Mnemonic for respiratory alkalosis?

MISHAPS: MV, increased ICP, sepsis, hypoxemia, hyperpyrexia, HF, anxiety, asthma, ascites, pregnancy, pain, PNA, salicylates


Mnemonic for non-anion gap acidosis?

HARD UP: hyperPTH, adrenal insufficiency, anhydrase inhibitors, RTA, diarrhea, ureteroenteric fistula, pancreatic fistulas