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Layers of the colon wall

Mucosa, sub mucosa, inner circular muscle, outer longitudinal muscle, serosa


Blood supply to the appendix

SMA to the ileocolic artery to the appendicular artery


Function of the appendix

Immunologic organ that secretes immunoglobulins, particularly IgA. Integral part of the gut associated lymphoid tissue system. Vestigial organ.


Epidemiology of appendicitis

Peaks in early adulthood and in elderly


Causes of appendicitis

Lymphoid hyperplasia, fecalith, foreign objects (eg fruit seed), stricture, parasites (esp Ascaris)


Obturator sign

Increased pain with internal rotation of right thigh


What particular GI infection can especially mimic appendicitis?

Yersinia enterocolitis


Imaging for appendicitis

CT with contrast. Graded compression ultrasound (not as sensitive but also good at ruling of gyn path)


Mesenteric adenitis

Aka mesenteric lymphadenitis. Lymph nodes of the mesentery are inflamed. Usually resolves on its own. Can be caused by gastroenteritis. Also may be preceded by URI.


Appendix development

Buds off the cecum. Origin is constant but the tip of appendix can be in various positions depending on the person. Lymphoid tissue develops two weeks after birth, grows, is constant for a time, decreases with age and is gone by 60 yrs old. At this point, complete obliteration of lumen is common.