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What regions of the vertebral column demonstrate the greater laxity of capsular ligaments

The cervical and lumbar regions


In which region of the vertebral column will the capsular ligament be tightest

The thoracic region


What layers are present in the capsular ligament

A superficial layer of collagen fibers and s deep layer of elastic fibers


What is the relationship between the capsular ligament and mobility

The more lax loose the capsular ligament is, the greater the motion of the joint


The capsular ligament may bend with which other common ligament

Ligamentum flavum


What muscle will bend with the capsular ligament posteriority

The multifidus


What is the pattern of innervation for the zygapophysis capsular ligament

It is typically innervated by 3 spinal nerves


If the zygapophyseal capsular ligament is not significantly involved in restricting motion what is its function

It is probably involved in proprioceptive feedback to the muscles stabilizing the vertebral couple during movement

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