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in the adult which vertebral levels will demonstrate a true intervertebral disc

those between C2 and S1 inclusive


what is the percent of intervertebral disc height contribution to the length of each region of the vertebral column

Cervical 22-25%
thoracic 20%
lumbar 33%


what is the intervertebral disc histology composed of

cells, collagen fibers, and a hydrated proteoglycan gel


what are the names of the central, peripheral, and horizontal zones of the intervertebral disc

nucleaus pulposus...central zones;
annulus fibrosus...peripheral zone;
cartilaginous end plate...horizontal zone


what is the name of the growth zone of the intervertebral disc

transition zone


what maintains the height of the cervical intervertebral disc

the unicinate processes


what is the effect of aging on the intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus

it becomes more fibrous as water and proteoglycan concentrations diminish


what is the number of true intervertebral discs identified in the adult


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