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What is the orgin of the rectus capitis posterior minor

The posterior tubercle of the posterior arch of C1


What is the origi of the obliquus capitis inferior

C2 spinous process and lamina


An increase In The density of muscle spindles is most apparent in which suboccipital muscle

Obliquus capitis inferior


Which suboccipital muscles are known to attach to dura mater

Rectus capitis posterior major, rectus capitis posterior minor and olbiquus capitis inferior


Which sub occipital muscle lacks an attachment to the skull

Obliquus capitis inferior


Which nerve innervates all suboccipital muscles

The dorsal Ramus of C1 the suboccipital nerve


What is the origin of the rectus Capitis posterior major

The spinous tubercle of C2


What is the insertion of the Obliquus capitis inferior

Transverse process of C1


What is the origin of the obliquus capitis superior

The posterior tubercle of the transverse process of C1


What is the result of communication between suboccipital muscles visual centers and vestibular centers

Coordination of the head and Eye position


What is the proposed function of the sub occipital muscle group

Postural stabilizers of the atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial joints

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