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- symptoms

-35 and sick for 17 years.. thinks he's only been sick for one year
- has acute schizo with disorganized speech. Hyperactiviity and once walked from west virginia to nj. Walks at kmart 3x a day. Hears voices that critize him.
- Age 18, first year of college had weird behaviors when he came home like pacing. Before finals said he was losing his mind. Was given heldal and found out what schizo was through papers of insurance.
- no history of it in family
- doesn't respond to any treatment. Started to take clozarill an experimental drug. His thinking started to improve but then he lost balance and coordination. He was finally sent to group home.


John Nash

- From a beautiful mind
- student at princeton; mathematician who began to hear voices in his 30's
- started to see conspiracies (exceptionally enlightened)
- stayed at Trenton psychiatric and underwent insulin shock therapy
- in 1994 awared noble prize in economics



-Hospitalized at age 5
- admitted three times in life
- spent total of 174 days in hospital
- wednesday is worst hallucination. They live in callinini. 400 is a bad cat.
- when she was an infant she only slept 4 hours a day for 20 minutes at a time.
- at 2 she had over 200 imaginary friends
- when 5 she turned dangerous