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Attempted suicide; Was class president, homecoming princess, field hockey player. Had an older brother Brian. Spring of junior year started to feel hopeless and thinking suicide thoughts. Jumped off Cheese peak bay bridge, 100 feet. Started to write letter to mom.



Had history of severe depression, has always had depression. Mother attempted suicide. Tried therapy and meds. Susan's 14th treatment. Seizure lasted 29 seconds, enough electricity to light up 60 watt light bulb. Susan did have some memory loss, like her address but it got better.



Psychiatrist forced her to go thru ECT. It erased large chunks of her life. Lowered her IQ, says she is brain damaged.


Talli Hines

16 year old sophmore, well-liked, average family. Wanted belly-button peierced and mom said no so she did it herself. Triggered the cutting; did it everyday more than once. Failed spanish test and cut too deeply. Began outpatient treatment but didnt help. Found S.A.F.E. program to go to (self abuse finally ends) Talli learned to deal with emotions by journaling them.


Shelly Goldberg

Started to pick face at age 13, triggerd by self hatred


Samantha and Mckala

Twin sisters; mad pact to lose weight over vacation from school. Sam is currently 58 pounds; was 180 then 126. Began dieting at 15. Only eats 2 chips and slice of tomato. Parents were divorced. Mckala weighs 54 pounds and being drip fed. Told that if she eats she could save sister but cant.