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How to conduct the Sit Up Bleep Test?

  1. Aim is to set a pace of 20-sit ups per minute
  2. The test is finished when you either fail to do a full sit up or if you keep going for four minutes
  3. Count how many sit ups you complete

How to conduct the Alternate Hand Wall Toss Test?

  1. Stand 2m away from wall
  2. Throw the ball underarm from your right hand and catch it with your left, then throw underarm with your left and catch with right
  3. Do for 30 seconds and count how many catches you get
  4. The more catches, the more successful you arm

How to conduct the Ruler Drop Test?

  1. Get a friend to hold a ruler vertically- the 0cm mark should be inline with the top of your thumb
  2. When your friend drops the ruler you have to try catch it as soon as you can
  3. Read off the distance it fell before you managed to catch it
  4. The slower your reaction the further down the ruler will be

How to conduct the Multi-Stage Fitness Test?

  1. A recording of timed beeps will be played- you have to run “shuttles” between two lines marked with cones, 20 metres apart
  2. Your foot must be on or over the next line to pass the stage
  3. Time gets shorter so you run faster
  4. If you miss 3 beeps in a row, you’re out
  5. The higher stage you get the better your cardiovascular endurance

How to conduct the 30m Sprint Test?

  1. Run the 30m as fast as you can and record your time in seconds
  2. The shorted your time, the quicker you are
  3. Different distances can be used as well

How to conduct the One Rep Max Test?

  1. The aim is to find the heaviest weight you can lift
  2. Start with a weight you know you can lift, one you lift it rest for a few minutes
  3. Increase the weight in small steps until you reach a weight you cannot complete, the last weight you managed to lift successfully is your one rep max

How to conduct the Illinois Agility Test?

  1. Start lying face down at the start when the whistle blows complete the course as fast as you can
  2. The course is set up so you consistently have to change direction
  3. The shorter your time, the more agile you are

How to conduct the Vertical Jump Test?

  1. Put chalk on your fingertips
  2. Raise the arm that nearest to the wall and mark the highest point you can reach
  3. Still standing side-on to the wall, jump and mark the wall as high as you can
  4. Measure between the marks in cm, the larger the distance, the more powerful your leg muscles are

How to conduct the Sit and reach test?

  1. You sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and a box flat against your feet
  2. Reach as far forward as you can and someone measures how far you have reached, the further you can reach the more flexible you are

How to conduct the Stork Balance Test?

  1. Stand on your best leg with your other foot touching your knee and your hands on your hips
  2. Raise your heel so you’re standing on your toes and time how long you can hold the position for
  3. Wobbling is allowed but the test is finished when your heel touches the floor or your other foot or hands move

How to conduct the Handgrip Dynamometer test?

  1. Grip as hard as you can for about 5 seconds and record your reading in kg
  2. Usually you do this 3 times and take your best score, the higher the score the better your grip