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What does aldosterone cause?

Na+ and H20 absorption


How does A2 work?

Binds G-proteins to cause intracellular signaling


What does A2 cause?

Decreased Renin secretion
Reduced RPF
Increase GFR
Constrict mesangial cells decreasing GFR
Na+ reabsorption via Na-H exchanger in PCT


How does aldosterone increase Na+ reabsorption?

Increase genetic expression of apical Na+ channels and basolateral membrane Na/K ATPase


What does sympathetic innervation cause?

RAS cascade causing renin release, A2 vasoconstriction, and increase in Na+ and water reabsorption to increase pressure


How does sympathetic cause RAS?

Innervates granular cells to release renin


Two way ADH is released?

1.) Baroreceptors in the atrial walls detect low BP sending afferent signals to the hypothalamus causing release of ADH
2.) Hypothalamus osmoreceptors monitor concentration in the blood with increase osmolarity sends signals to posterior pituitary to release it


Mechanism ADH works through?

V1 receptors contraction of SM decreasing GFR
V2 in principal cells causing genomic expression of AQ2 and increasing transport of AQ2 receptors to membrane in the collecting ducts


How is ANP activated?

Atrial baroreceptors being stretched


What does ANP cause?

Decreases resorption of Na+ leaving it in the tubule


How does ANP work?

Dilates glomerular afferent arterioles, inhibits release of renin, inhibits actions of AII and acts in the medullary collecting duct to inhibit Na+ resorption