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Why an MBA? Why now?

"Improved technical acumen and help increase the velocity toward my entrepreneurial goals":
1. Help me become more grounded & comprehensive in my knowledge of general business principles:
-Not just concepts; approach (e.g. McAdams' game theory).
2. Concentration of Resources: Academic centers (CEI)


Walk me through your resume/tell me about yourself.

-Close knit fam + small town in NorCal
-UCD on ROTC scholarship
-Aviator: 9 yrs AD
-Majority in SpecOps: "guys on the OBL msn"
-5 combat deployments
-Multiple disaster relief missions
-From Supervisor and Mx mgr to Strategic project mgmt for SpecOps msns
-Entrepreneurial goals in fitness: Army=projects, leadership, creativity=confidence
-Left to pursue these dreams
-Tech job to increase understanding + biz
-Fuqua's strength in consulting, tech, E are key to my success


Best leadership experience.

VBK/FE: spring/summer '12.S: Project Mgr for 1-month int'l tng msn in SK. Purpose: 1) simulate crisis response, 2) int'l cohesion.T: 1) Organizer: global logistics, 2) Lead pilot: tactical plans + coordination w/USAF, USN, USA, SK gov't + state agencies, 3) OIC: supervise TFA: 1) Strategy: real world CONPLAN, 2) Operations: 2x acft, 60 pax, 50 tons across the globe (w/in budget), 3) Expanded capes: FLD eval, MIO. R: 1) Confidence in global mgmt: country + culture, int'l relationships, 1st FLD. 2) Empowering: running my own enterprise. 3) Strongest teams: Pilots vs. staff. Saying: "You know a SOA has entered..."


How would your coworkers/friends describe you?

1. Leader, not a manager. Invest in team, co.2. Selfless. Put the needs of others first:-EX: Xmas disaster response3. Driven. Never one to be satisfied - always moving toward the next project:-EX: finish a marathon, looking to the next one


3 strengths

1. Team building/relationships: -EX: the PM dept at NSIT
2. Versatility: -Led in unique experiences and locations -Comfortable in the uncomfortable -EX: Insight transition
3. Work ethic: -Pride in being hardworking -EX: OEF w/o a day off: thrived


If faced w/a setback, how would you respond?Tell me about a time you failed.A regret and what you learned.

Flt school helo crash:
S: Day 3 of tng. Learning to hover.
T: Practicing hovering, exceeded aero limits.
A: 1) Faced fears. 2) Focused: perfect maneuvers 3) SME in AV.
R: Better leader. 1) Convert fear into confidence. 2) Expertise (1,200 hr w/o accident or incident, 3) Inspire during uncertainty.


Ways to be involved in Fuqua?

1. Professional clubs: Consulting Club, Entre and VC Club, High Tech Club, Net Impact Club.
2. Other clubs: Running and Triathlon Club, Duke AFA (pay it forward).
3. Center of Leadership and Ethics (COLE) -Leadership Fellows and Prof. LeBouef


What does leadership mean to you?

1. Integrity.
2. Investing in your team, not just outcomes.
3. A leader in thought, word, and deed.
4. Owning failures, bestowing successes.


Short-term goals?

1. More comprehensive & complete; applying the strategic lessons & mgmt skills from Fuqua
2. Will thrive; AV units at home & abroad, developed passion for solving complex operational probs in ambiguous situations:
-Didn't just fix probs; changed the way we did biz
3. Prep for entrepreneurship:
-Exposure=perspective, prob-solving skills, landscape
FUQUA will get me there:
-So much invested in helping prep
-DMCC: roadmaps, WIC, Symposium, Mock Int.


Long-term goals?

-Leverage gen mgmt skills from Fuqua + consulting exp
-Build a wearable tech company
-Not fitness, but health.
-Aggregate broad set of data (biometrics, environment, social cues, diet)
-Improve lives: battle addiction, manage disease


-Plan B if goals don't work out?

Social Entrepreneurship Program
-Center for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE)
-B Corps-Clif Bar's In Good Company


Questions for interviewer

1. Ways to improve my candidacy?
2. International Exchange Programs: summer exchange programs - internship too?
3. Courses or experiences you'd recommend? -Managerial Accounting -Game Theory w/McAdams-Prof. Shane Dikolli


Fuqua contacts

Duke AFA:
1. Christopher Selleck: USA
2. Brian Hamilton: 10SFG
3. Dave Strickler: USA
4. Marc Boyle: USN
5. Herman Bulls: USA


Why Fuqua?

3 reasons:
1. Culture: Put on this earth to improve the lives of others:
A. Be Consequential:
-C-LEAD values: integrity, collaboration: I just knew
B. Team Fuqua: preference for teams+collab: -Can't talk about Fuqua w/o TF coming up -EX: Selleck's decision -Work w/good people, b/c good things have always come from it
2. Uniquely positioned: A. Consulting: ind'l prep:
-Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum: experiential
-DMCC: Consulting roadmap, Weeks in Cities (3-7 days), Consulting Early Connections Program (1-day workshop), Symposium, Mock Interview Wk
B. Entrepreneurship: -CEI: leadership: Prof. Howie Rhee: strong tech experience -Duke Global Entre. Network is very active -Program for Entrep (P4E) (Matchmaker Events, Join a ...)
3. Location: A. Other top 10 grad programs B. Research Triangle Park (RTP): R&D, 170 companies, Start Up Factory C. Raleigh-Durham: Outside ('13), Bloomberg ('12)


3 Weaknesses

1. Meticulous=lost time.
-Don't let perfect get in the way of the good.
2. As leader, let others find their own success:
-EX: Withers.
-PID, adapting
3. Technical abilities.
-EX: goals in tech; limited tech b/g.
-Taking cert courses.


What Q do you wish I asked you?

1. Non-Quant: what are you doing to get ready? -Rio Salado courses (Stats, Accounting)
2. What do you do w/your personal time? -Training for the R2R in mid-June -CC courses -Restart private AVN
3. Leadership activities outside the office: -Dept. social/volunteer coordinator at work (care packages, UFBank)


Concentrations: -Format-Which ones + classes?

**Format: 6 classes (4 pri, 2 from other areas)
1. Strategy: consulting:-Managerial Accounting
2. Decision Sciences: general management: -Prof McAdams' Game Theory
3. Entrepreneurship & Innovation: -Prof. Sheldon's "Mentored Study in Entrepreneurship"


What are you doing now?

Product Manager for Global Tech Reseller:
1. Tech solutions provider=multiple tech partners
-Consulting + tech svcs to HW, SW
-B2B, F1000 space
2. Apple PM: manage $80M Apple biz:
-Mktg, Sales, Ops, Finance/Accting, Tng, Biz Dev
-Manage Insight-Apple relationship


What do you bring to the class?

1. Unique experiences/perspective: -War in Afg -Disaster relief in CA -Military & business exp
2. Unique leadership: -Not just military: helo aviation (technical) -Not just military: SpecOps
3. Strength in Teamwork: -Sports Team Captain to flying by committee in SpecOps to forging one of the strongest teams at a F500 company - consistent thruout my life


Leadership outside the office

1. Social/volunteer coordinator for department
2. Org. running group for R2R
3. Starting work w/WWP


Fuqua Facts:-Class size-Class breakdown-# terms, term length-Pedagogy

-Class size: 430
-Class breakdown: 6 sections, ~70 per
-# terms, term length: 4 terms, 6 weeks per
-Pedagogy: 1/3 case, 1/3 lecture, 1/3 team projects


Failure 2

Wrong LZ on FMQ Eval TRAINING flt:
S: 1) Unique selection for rare distinction. 2) Didn't confirm GPS, 500m off course. 3) Risk of failure.
T: 1) Figure out how to fix, 2) Find a way to repo w/limited fuel, 3) Not compromise msn.
A: 1) Triangulate, 2) Ran #s - 2x to fuel, 2x to fix, 3) Extracted and repo'ed w/o burning tgt.
R: 1) Continued FTX, 2) Made the audible, 3) Owned the mistake, 4) Learned from it


Significant Leadership Exp

Project Manager for EC11:
S: Plan & supervise: 6 wks, 4 acft, 80 pax, 100 tons, TH & CB. Purpose: 1) POTUS' global pursuit missions, 2) Learn new areas.
T: 1) Austere CB, 2) Border x-ing, 3) Relationships.
A: 1) CB: 6-person x-fnct team for assessments. 2) X-border: ext. coord, no resources = 3x HAR, 1x SAR and intel. 3) Strong parallel relationships.
R: 1) Largest ex in Bn history. 2) CB = diplomacy. 3) Project mgmt.



EC11 Night Flights:
S: $$$ SpecOps event, CB: no NVG flts=not SOA.
T: How to save diplomacy & still train?
A: 1) SME white-board sesh. 2) Plan: Reposition min. pkg. to shoreline, do O/W ops in int'l waters. 3) Approved by Cdr of all Pacific.
R: 1) Received AAM for innovation. 2) Exercise was a huge success. 3) Still CB today


Challenging project 1

S: new PL: build a SOA company
T: Operations: go from 2 acft, 20 pax, & a trailer to 8 acft, 60, & a new hangar, Strategy: design training plan to be combat ready and capable
A: 1) Operations: budgeting & acceptance for: acft, vehicles, equipment, 2) Synchronize training, maintenance, and deployments, 3) Build footprint and transfer into $43M hangar restoration project.
R: 1) 1st deployment w/in 3 mos, deploy every other qtr since, 2) Flew 1st 3 hostage rescue msns in OEF, 3) One of the strongest companies in the Regt.


Challenging project 2

OEF: SAL setup: project lead
S: new base, never been: operations & strategy assess= VOLUNTEERED
T: 72 hrs: assess, resource, receive
A: 1) Ops w/GF2) Assess: office, mx, parking, billeting, security3) Logistics = C-130 deliveries for 2 straight days "Taught myself to drive a forklift"
R: 1) Bn's largest OP to date in AFG. 2) Success. Still used today. "


Greatest Leadership Challenge

S: OEF mission: summer 2008 - 1st deployment, new to SpecOps, 1st combat msn:
T: Air Cdr: 4x aircraft, 30x crew, 100 Rangers
-Infil/exfil under darkness
-Get everyone home safe
-Shots fired, can't make planned HLZ, darkness running out
A: Alt exfil plan:
-Daylight=shoot downs
-Worked Intel to find alt sites: 1) Safe for pax, 2) Safe for helos, 3) **Pre-daylight
R: Safe exfil:
-Everyone home safely
-Technical competence=confidence of team, GF
-Personal confidence for 5 deployments, 200+ combat missions, lead on trips in 6 diff countries