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Tell me about yourself.

1. Small town, close-knit family2. UCD: double, AROTC scholarship3. Army:- 2 primary roles: supervisor + Mx mgr, strategic planner- Leadership/Mgmt (up to 60x pax, 8x acft, $300M eqpt)- Strategic plans: Plt, Co, Bn- Operated across the globe (3 continents, 15 countries)- Led in combat: 5x OEF, 4x Pacific4. Unique exp. last 5 yrs = PID EP:- SpecOps (OBL) = unique opps- Project mgmt of int'l exercises = create, build, and cultivate from scratch- Built SOA Co. from gnd up (few pax, 2x acft to 60x pax, 8x acft, combat proven - most HR msns in the last 3 yrs.)5. Separated in pursuit6. Insight = learning opp = small business owner ($100M tgt)7. MBA is next step in my plan


Short term?

Consulting:1. Naturally systems/process-minded, analytical:- SOAR: fixed S3 (Bn nucleus)- Apple: rocketship (179%); building for long-term growth- Consulting seems exciting/engaging to me: small, close-knit tms, problem solving2. Phenomenal developmental opp:- Externality- New to business = feel conceptually siloed- Exposure- Learn best practices across multiple industries


Long term?

Build a values-based organization in fitness:1. Fitness is a major component in my life2. TNT = realization3. 4. Originally: retail; now: tech5. Recent idea became Strava6. Values = Corp Social Responsibility:- Lead w/culture- Values: people, community, sustainability, resp. sourcing- Appreciate about Apple: leading tech w/supplier responsibility and openness


Why MBA?

1. Army = strong leadership skills2. Insight = PID quant & analytical shortcomings:- "Swinging in the dark""- Want proven



1. Global VAR for IT. 2. HW, SW, solutions provider.3. Unique ties to F1000 space4. 5,300 employees


Apple PM

1. Business development plans2. Marketing and pricing strategies unique to the Apple line3. Supervise and work w/sales, marketing, & operations4. Foster the Apple relationship5. Develop solutions-based opps (product, accy, service)


Mil Svc Goals

1. OVERALL: Make a difference. I want my life and every ounce of it to matter.2. Serve my country, esp. in time of need.3. Be a pilot.4. Join special operations.


What do I contribute?

1. Leadership and team-building exp in uniquely complex, stressful, dynamic situations.2. Extensive international experience3. Perspective: SpecOps = unique worldview 4. Combined = unique contribution to the team, versatility. Successful ldrship in various functions w/diverse teams.


Meaningful Ldrship Exp / Teamwork 1

VBK/FE:S: organizer and supervisor of month-long int'l tng msn in SK. Purpose: crisis response, int'l relationship-building.T: SpecOps helo role: deployment plan, logistics, training plan w/4x GF, coord w/7x US and SK defense orgs.A1: 10 mo: 3x planning conf in SK w/wk-long site assessments. A2: Create and resource 15 tng scenarios: from intel to LZs. A3: Manage and sync once underway. R: Building and running my own enterprise.- Increased confidence in global mgmt.- Learned limits: overextended, then delegated/cross-trained. Integrate people earlier. - ***One of my strongest teams. AV vs. staff gap. Interservice. US vs. SK.


Failure 1/Time something didn’t go as planned?

Flt school helo crash:S: Day 3 of tng. Learning to hover. T: Good enough to practice landing. Takeoff from a slope. Tail Rotor=DR. Helo destroyed. Fire. Egress.A1: Got back in the acft. A2: More focused: perfected maneuvers, SME in AV.R: Better AV officer and leader: - Mettle: convert fear into confidence. - Inspired confidence w/Expertise: risk mitigation. - 1,200 hr., combat and other, w/o accident or incident.


Failure 2/Time something didn’t go as planned WHILE LEADING A TEAM?

S: X-country Flt ISO ST1. Major exercise. Coord. a/f using imagery and phone con. Failed to PID tilled earth. Huge brownout on app.T: Damage cntl: dangerous results? Bad PR: Bad for Army, worse for SOAR.A1: Called off approachA2: Overhead survey on limited fuel + no LZA3: In-flight phone msg: a/f mgr A4: Contacted: Cdr, Safety, PAOA5: AAR.R: Turned a neg. into a positive:- A/f mgr inspired by our concern & timeliness.- PID: need to integrate add'l facets to recon.


Most significant leadership experience?

EC11:S: organizer and supervisor of month-long int'l tng msn in Thai and CB. Purpose: crisis response, int'l relationships.T1: SpecOps helo role: deployment plan, logistics, training plan w/5x GF, coord w/8x US, Thai, and CB defense orgs. T2: CB: austere, scant AV resources. T3: X-border, esp. w/TH and CB. A1: CB: x-function, 6-person team for wk-long assessment = 4x C17s for 100 tons. A2: X-border: heavy coord, no resources = 3x HAR, 1x SAR and intel. R: Largest, most successful ex in Bn history:- Built CB relationship = future opps. - Logistics blueprint. - X-border=precedent.


Convince 1

Flight Lead eval ICW FE12S: Lead planner for int’l exercise in Korea (SOF contingency tng, int’l relationships). Need FLDs due to DEPTEMPO.T: Convince ldrship to conduct 1st ever FLD eval in PACOM. - Challenge 1: FLD evals are resource heavy: min. 2x ISR, 2x CAS, GF, HAR, gnd fuel, dissimilar a/c (4x A10s, 2x F16s, 3x C-130s, 45 GF, 4x HEMTTs)- Challenge 2: High vis ($, # of customers) = no fail. - Challenge 3: Korean regs and SUAS are difficult. A1: Data proving FLD necessity. A2: Contingency plans: wx re-routes + b/u days, triple fuel redundancy, alternate intel scenarios.A3: Extensive consulting w/US + Korean agencies for plan/airspace approvalA3: Brief to CEO-level for approval.R: 1st ever PACOM FLD eval = future prec. - FLD = improved DEPTEMPO + org. longevity.


Creative/Convince 2

EC11 Night Flights:S: $$$ SpecOps event. CB: no NVG flts=not SOA. We were going to be cast aside.T: Find a way to support nighttime overwater tng w/ships too small to land all acft.A1: SME white-board sesh. Plan: Reposition min. pkg. to shoreline A/F. Leap-frog to the ship at dusk/dawn. Use int'l waters. A2: Briefed my leadership, got support.A3: Org'd a conf. call w/PACOM leads, GF, and USN. Gave brief to PACOM ldrship (CEO).R1: Plan was well rec'd and dubbed remarkably innovative. R2: Exercise was a huge success.


Teamwork 2

S: Fragmented S3 shop:- Lacked strong leadership, goals, focus- Nexus of Bn. Sets tone, direction, goals for Bn. S3 fails, so does Bn.T: Restructure: collab, systems, accountabilityA1: Collaboration: clear hierarchy, team-building events, integrated all players, COMMSA2: Systems: from network to event execution roadmaps A3: Accountability: gave responsibility, but w/perf metrics and held them to standardsR: strongest team, best shop in Bn:- Applauded successes, picked up each others' failures- Efficiency = success = closeness


Uncertainty while leading a team?

CASEVAC in OEF w/no navigators:S: Wounded, 25 min away; no nav systems in acftT: Fly the acft to wounded and extract w/no navA1: Contingency prep: handheld mapsA2: Inspired team confidence, involved everyoneA3: Flew to site + extractedR: Inspired confidence in my crew, strengthened our teamwork/reliance on one another


Time trusted instincts?

Fast-rope plan for EC11S: Ex planner for Thai. Needed to get safety onboard for the mission to happen (too far out at sea). T: Create a way. F/R plan - never before ventured in history.A1: Researched: definitely possibleA2: Created a tng timeline/plan.A3: Signed up at conf; briefed higher immediately after.R: Event happened; was a major tactical success.


Disagreed w/Boss

OEF DEPTEMPO tracker:S: Co Ops officer. BC wanted us to change rotations to alleviate DEPTEMPO. Not supportable.T: Convey this plan would break our backs.A1: Conferred w/other Cos.A2: Produced collaborative data that conveyed the thought.A3: Arranged a planning summit and backbriefed BC. R: BC relented.


Challenging project?

OEF: SAL setup:S: 1st deploy, new base, never been = VOLUNTEEREDT: 72 hrs: assess, resource, receiveA1: Ops disc. w/GFA2: Assess: office, mx, parking, billeting, securityA3: Logistics = C-130 deliveries for 2 straight daysR: Success. Base still used today. - Led to our biggest op to date (2 wks long).


Change course / something unforeseen / flexibility

OEF MeS to HR msn:S: Mes Msn, HR popped upT: Complete current msn, rapid mvmt to new base to prepA: Role: Lead acft: he was senior pilot, I was ranking officer = split duties:- Him (tactical requirements)- Me (personnel + logistics)- Assigned Chk 2 to monitor current msnR: Msn 1 was success; moved entire pkg fast enough to op that same night on other side of Afg



Extremely impressed w/the KSM clubs:- Extensive contact with KVA, Consulting, Entrepreneurship Clubs.- Largest, most professionally run.1. KVA (largest Vet contingent of any b-school): Awesome. Pay it forward.2. Consulting club. Case prep, Lunch & learns, Day in the life, 3. Entrepreneurship club. Distinguished E speaker series ( CEO). SV & Chicago E Treks.4. Net impact. 2011 Grad Chapter of the Year. Corp Social Responsibility (e.g. Clif).4.



1. Reading (Outliers, Steve Jobs bio)2. Fitness (Tough Mudder in two wks, trying to organize the R2R)3. CC courses: Stats, Piano or Guitar4. Volunteer work: career center in Scottsdale, BB/BS?


Questions I wish they would have asked?

1. What are you doing to prepare for the academic rigors?- CC courses: Stats; if sched allows: Accting, Finance2. What will you uniquely contribute to the community? - Unique leadership exp.- Int'l exp.- Perspective: SpecOps- All combined: versatile ldrship: successful w/diverse teams in challenging circumstances3. Hobbies? Normal life?- Reading (Outliers, Jobs), Fitness (TM, R2R), CC courses, volunteer



1. Pre-semester "quant boot camp""?2. 95% double


Why Kellogg?

1. Curriculum:- Hybrid: core = good foundation, like flexibility- Majors = specialization (Entre & Innov, Mgmt & Strategy, Marketing)- Experiential learning labs - Global Elective Req (G-Lab)2. Envision Kellogg/Think Bravely. Dean Blount's msg: collaboration, innovation, broader wisdom (beyond yourself) - creative and innovation traits that align w/my goals and entrepreneurship mind. 3. Unique Entrepreneurial ecosystem:- Kellogg Innovation and Entre. Initiative (KIEI)- Levy Center for Entrepreneurship- INVO (Innovation & New Ventures Ofc): x-discipline- NUvention: Inc. mag's top 10 E prgms in US4. Culture:- Openly discussed at KSM- "People



Case: 30%Lecture: 30%Team: 30%*** - "those who embrace group work will thrive""Experiential/Simulations: 10%"


Academic specialization

1. 18 Majors, 25 Research Centers2. Mgmt & Strategy3. Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Think Bravely

1. Collaboration2. Understanding markets3. Innovation4. Broader wisdom



Hybrid: core+flexible:- 3-term schedule (fall, winter, spring)- 10-wk terms- Global Elective Requirement (Global Lab, Int'l Marketing, or Int'l Business Strategy)


First Year

- 2-wk pre-term each year (1st and 2nd)- 3-terms: Fall, Winter, Spring (10-wks)- Each term has an A/B split- 9-core courses


Second Year

1. Entrepreneurship:- "Entre. & New Venture Formation""- ""Technology and Innovation Strategy""2. Marketing Electives: - Prof. Anderson's ""Pricing and Promotion in Consumer Behavior""- ""Information & Technology Based Marketing"""



- KVA: Brooks Braden, Chris Miorin- eClub: Mattocks Swenson- Consulting Club: Michael Green- Entrepreneurship: Prof. Darragh



1. KIEI:- Cross-functional, campus-wide2. NUvention:- 2-quarters: current verticals: Energy, Medical, Web, Social Impact