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1. Armed Forces Alumni Assoc. Pay it forward. 2. Consulting Club: connect w/grads, case interview prep, brown bags w/2Y3. Net Impact:- Climate change, sustainability.- "Use business to improve the world.""4. Entrepreneurship Club. All part of the Tuck Entre. Ecosystem"



1. Passion for improving systems, practices, and processes: - CONSISTENT THEME: orphanage to SOAR- SOAR LNO. Young Bn. *Systems: strategic plans *Practices: crisis response (notification processes, deployment packages)- Insight: : 133% YOY growth, no infrastructure. *First marketing summit, team sync, reliable / intelligent metrics for trends.2. Self-aware: limitations:- Proven, reliable, sustainable tools = MBA.- Better at executing = C.- C = variety = agility = strength (segments, verticals, contexts)



1. Center for Private Equity and Entrepreneurship.


First Year

1. 31-wk, 4-term core:- Structure = breadth- Strong foundation- Make up for undergrad- Fall A/B: "Bonding opp"" (OGP)2. 1Y Project:- Practice consulting- See how far I've come- Theory to practice"



1. Reminds me of home:- 5,200 people- Rural countryside- Close-knit2. Scottsdale-Hanover might be tough...3. 2011: $ Mag's Top Places to Live #6



1. Fitness: Tough Mudder in Feb, Rim-to-Rim. 2. Reading: "Steve Jobs


Long Term Goals

1. Outdoor fitness company:- FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL: Sports + fitness = teamwork, humility, perseverance, success and failure- INTEREST: CDC: Aug 12: 35.7% US adults, children 3x since 1980 - Analyze implications: quality of life and death, ind'l economic impacts, impacts to HC and US economy- Not US specific- Retail vertical: nutrition, apparel, eqpt; TECH?- Values based: "doing good while doing well."" Lead w/culture + values: community



Case: 45%Lecture: 23%Team project: 20%Other: 12%


Second Year

1. R-to-P seminars: HOW to think:- Actually deep dive- Layered, complex thinking- Framework + approach: not just solutions2. TGC: Spanish-speaking country3. Electives: - 1Y: "Consulting Project Mgmt"" as prep for 1Y Project- ""Leadership out of the Box"": self-exploration + self-awareness = consciousness and EI- ""Innovation Execution"": strategy EXECUTION in the business sector"



1. Quant prep opportunities before the start of the program? [Tie in CC class: Math 206: Biz Stats, Accting]2. R-to-P: 6x in '10, 9x in '11: still growing? 3. Does the content repeat ("Deconstructing Apple"")?4. How to sync the R-to-P seminars and TGC in 2Y? 5. Tell me about the Tuck Hockey Club?6. Winter Carnival? Reciprocated elsewhere?7. Certificates program"



Ankur Kumar (2Y, USMC): 5 email iterationsAdam Ranson: (2Y, USMC, Harrier pilot): MBA/MPA, Kennedy School of Gov't. Phone con, coffee on Fri.



1. Research-to-Practice seminars: launched '09, - Approach & framework for problem-solving.- HOW to think, not just what.2. Tuck Global Consultancy: launched '97, experiential learning, 3 wks on site, 4-6 wks to present:- Some of my greatest lessons from int'l experience- Perspective- Magnitude: potential for greater impact in small countries.- Aware of unique challenges in different regions and cultures (story?)3. EI:- Customize academic path, connect w/students, T's phenom network


Tuck Differentiators

1. R-to-P seminars:- Approach. Framework.- HOW to think, not just what.- Actually "deep dive"": layered



1. NorCal: small town, close fam.2. UCD: double-major, SAE, Roma, MOST IMPORTANTLY: ROTC scholarship, top 10% of cadets=AV choice2. Flight school:- Valedictorian = 47 (committee) + Hondo (int'l)3. Hondo: Supervisor and Mx mgr. - 4x acft, 20x people, 24 vehicles.- Humanitarian relief and counterdrug ops.- Major hurricane seasons- SOAR assessment: WHO IS SOAR??3. Training for SOAR: Survival to HAR4. SOAR PL:- Sup. + Mx Mgr, but: SOF, 30x pax, 4x $82M acft- BUILT COMPANY: rewarding- Led up to 4x acft, 60x pax on covert missions in Afg5. Promoted to XO/Ops O:- More Mx, mgmt, and budget- Ops = strategy, networking, collaborating6. Handpicked for SOAR LNO:- Like consultant: systems, practices- Strategic partner for all Pac operations: exercises to hostage rescue situations7. LAST YRS = PID goals:- Ops O = systems = consulting- Built company = entrepreneurship- Orphanage (P+FO), TNT, int'l work = ability to influence8. Left Army - Insight = experience



1. MOVSM2. CAB3. FMQ4. AM5. Willie L. Ruf Leadership Award6. AAM (EC11)


College Activities

1. ROTC: Scholarship, CSM, Class Ldr, Top 10% = picked AV: 15 hr/wk2. SAE: Eminent Herald, 6 hr/wk3. UCD intramural sports (FB Cpt x2), 8 hr/mo4. Espresso Roma: 15 hr/wk



ALL 25-30 HR/MO:1. Volunteer/community outreach (Hondo)2. TNT: $2,5503. WWP: $1,550, Tm Cpt4. Army Ten Miler Tm: 6-person, 800-person base, Tm Cpt/Mgr


First Tuck Visit

Visited friend at HBS in Nov '10. Day trip to Hanover b/c he loves it there and thought I might appreciate the opportunity = SOLD.



1. Global VAR for IT. 2. HW, SW, solutions provider.3. Unique ties to F1000 space4. 5,300 employees@@ Learn translatable biz skills@@ Opportunity in tech


 PM

1. Business development plans2. Marketing and pricing strategies unique to the Apple line3. Supervise and work w/sales, marketing, & operations4. Foster the  relationship5. Develop solutions-based opps (product, accy, service)


Military Svc Goals

Overall:1. Make a difference. I want my life and every ounce of it to matter.Specifically:2. Serve my country, esp. in time of need.3. Be a pilot.4. Join special operations.


Foreign countries

1. Hondo (2 yr)2. Afg (1 yr)3. Thai (3 mo)4. CB (2 mo)5. SK (2 mo)6. Guat (1 mo)7. Pan (3 wk)8. Nic (2 wk)9. El Sal, Belize, Qat, Kuwait (1 wk)10. Italy (2 wk), Costa Rica (1 wk), GER (1 wk)



1. Army = leadership + mgmt experience.2. PID'ed:- Consulting- Entrepreneurship3. Transition = realize the need growth in "hard skills"" (econ


What do I contribute?

1. Leadership and mgmt. Led teams in unique circumstances - complex, dynamic, and stressful situations.2. A fair amount of international experience: Central America, sev. parts of Asia.3. Unique experiences + int'l exposure = versatility/adaptability. Successful in various functions w/diverse teams.


Meaningful Leadership Exp / Teamwork 1

VBK/FE:S: organizer and supervisor of month-long int'l tng msn in SK. Purpose: crisis response, int'l cohesion.T: SpecOps helo role: deployment plan, logistics, training plan w/4x GF, coord w/7x US and SK defense orgs.A: 10 mo: 3x planning conf in SK, 2x wk-long site assessments. Create and resource 15 tng scenarios: from intel thru supportable landing zones. Manage and sync once underway. R: *Increased confidence in global mgmt. *Learned limits: overextended, then delegated/cross-trained. Integrate more people earlier. *One of my strongest teams. AV vs. staff gap. Interservice. US vs. SK. *Building and running my own enterprise.


Failure 1

Flt school helo crash:S: Day 3 of tng. Learning to hover. T: Good enough to practice landing. Takeoff from a slope. TR=DR. Helo destroyed. Egress. Fire.A: *Got back in the acft. *Focused: perfected maneuvers, SME in AV.R: *Better AV leader. *LL: convert fear into confidence. *Expertise = risk mitigation, inspired my teams. *1,200 hr., combat and otherwise, w/o accident or incident.


Failure 2

Bad LZ on x-country flight:S: Mvmt to SoCal to spt ST1. Tng prep flt. Coordinated a/f using imagery and phone con. Failed to ID tilled up earth. Huge blowout on app.T: Damage cntl. PR: Bad for Army, worse for SOAR.A: 1) Called off approach, 2) Overhead survey on limited fuel + no LZ, 3) In-flight phone msg: a/f mgr, 4) Contacted: Cdr, Safety, PAO, 5) AAR.R: *PID'ed need to integrate add'l facets to recon. *Neg into pos PR event: a/f mgr impressed w/our concern & timeliness.


Significant Leadership Exp

EC11:S: organizer and supervisor of month-long int'l tng msn in Thai and CB. Purpose: crisis response, int'l cohesion.T: SpecOps helo role: deployment plan, logistics, training plan w/5x GF, coord w/8x US, Thai, and CB defense orgs. *CB: austere, scant AV resources. *X-border, esp. w/TH and CB. A: *CB: x-function, 6-person team for wk-long assessment = 4x C17s for 100 tons. *X-border: ext. coord, no resources = 3x HAR, 1x SAR and intel. R: *Largest ex in Bn history. *CB relationships = future opps. *Logistics blueprint. *X-border=precedent. @@ Innovation


Convince 1

Flight Lead eval ICW FE12.S: Lead planner for Korea. Need FLDs due to DEPTEMPO.T: *Convince ldrship to conduct 1st ever FLD eval in PACOM. *Challenges: 1) High vis ($, # of customers) = no fail. 2) Korean regs and SUAS are difficult. 3) A: 1) Data proving FLD necessity. 2) Resourced to near excess = ensure flexibility and redundancy. 3) Brief to leadership w/contingencies addressed.R: *1st ever PACOM FLD eval = future prec. * FLD = improved DEPTEMPO + org. longevity.@@ like selling a biz plan


Creative / Convince

EC11 Night Flights:S: $$$ SpecOps event. CB: no NVG flts=not SOA.T: Find a way to support nighttime overwater tng w/ships too small to land all acft.A1: SME white-board sesh. Plan: Reposition min. pkg. to shoreline A/F. Leap-frog to the ship at dusk/dawn. Use int'l waters. A2: Briefed my leadership, got support.A3: Org'd a conf. call w/PACOM leads, GF, and USN. Gave brief to ldrship.R1: Plan was well rec'd and dubbed innovative. R2: Exercise was a huge success.


Teamwork 2

S: S3: fixing the shop:T: Restructure to improveA: - Systems: infrastructure: depts w/hierarchy- Processes: communication channels, event progression, information - Accountability: perf metricsR: best shop in Bn- Efficiency = success = closeness@@ Felt like a consultant


Disagreed w/Boss

OEF DEPTEMPO management.


3 words to describe me

1. Diligent, 2. Friendly, 3. Driven.


Uncertainty while leading a team?

CASEVAC in OEF w/no navigators.


Time trusted instincts?

Fast-rope plan in EC11.


Challenging project?

OEF: SAL setup:S: 1st deploy, new base, never been = VOLUNTEEREDT: 72 hrs: assess, resource, receiveA: 1) Ops disc. w/GF2) Assess: office, mx, parking, billeting, security3) Logistics = C-130 deliveries for 2 straight daysR: *Success. Still used today. *Led to our biggest op to date (2 wks long).


Change course / Flexibility

MeS msn to HRS: Role:- Lead acft runs show- He was senior pilot, I was ranking officer = split duties:- Him (tactical requirements)- Me (personnel + logistics)- Chalk 2: monitor current msn


Greatest Pers. Accomplishment



Long term goals 2

1. Build and lead outdoor fitness company:- Always had entrep. ambitions- Built B/4- Involved in TNT: PID fitness- Passionate about fitness, key in my life: intrinsic good- Feel that Tuck is the place to get me there: comfortable setting, entrepreneurial resources


Resume 2

- Small town, close kit fam- UCD on ROTC scholarship- Aviator: 9 yrs AD- From Supervisor and Mx mgr to Strategic planning for the Pacific- Last 4 yrs that I realized what I wanted to do next- Joined w/specific goals for mil- Unique leadership + mgmt exp in last 4 yrs- PID 2 things: *systems minded, *desire to build and lead a company- From project mgmt to building a co. - want lasting career in entrepreneurship- Sep in pursuit of goals- First step: developmental opp w/IT company that mirrors being a small business manager- Next is an MBA from Tuck