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Applied Mgmt Research:
-Experiential learning
-5-person team: 20 wks
-Mgmt Field Study vs. Biz Creation Option (BCO) vs. "Special Project Option" (?)
-Traditional=consulting: biz plans, pricing strategies & marketing campaigns, risk assessment, new product development
-BCO: launch ventures while still in school
-2Y: Fall + Winter qtr, or Winter + Spring
-2013-14: 18 int'l, 14 BCOs



1. Entrepreneurship Association (EA). Largest student org, 150 events, close ties w/the Price Center for E, E in Residence, connections w/Westwood Venture Alliance (other grad pgms)
2. High Tech Business Association (HTBA). Tech Treks, Career Nights, LA=access to a top tech city, leverage my networks to provide oppys for HTBA students.
3. Anderson Veterans Association (AVA). Give back.
4. Net Impact Club: Mondays at the Mission (Union Rescue Mission)


Short term: management consulting

3 things:
1. About becoming more comprehensive & complete; applying the strategic lessons & mgmt skills from Anderson
2. Will thrive; AV units at home & abroad, developed passion for solving complex operational probs in ambiguous situations:
-Didn't just fix probs; changed the way we did biz
3. Prep for entrepreneurship:
-Exposure=perspective, prob-solving skills, landscape



-Quarter system: 3x 10-wk quarters
-375 students: 5 sections of 75
-Tracks: Consulting, Finance, Marketing, Custom
-Specializations: Custom Track requires 2:Easton TL, Entrepreneurship



-Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation (MGT 295A): good intro to entrepreneurship (spring 1Y or fall 2Y)
-Thinking on Your Feet (MGT 250D)



1. Insight:
-Tech solutions provider=multiple tech functions, partners
-Consulting + tech svcs to HW, SW
-B2B, F1000 space
2. Apple PM: manage $80M Apple biz:
-Mktg, Sales, Ops, Finance/Accting, Tng, Biz Dev
-Manage Insight-Apple relationship


Long term goal

-Leverage gen mgmt skills from UCLA + consulting exp
-Build a wearable tech company
-Not fitness, but health.
-Aggregate broad set of data (biometrics, environment, social cues, diet)
-Improve lives: battle addiction, manage disease



-Case: 30%
-Lecture: 40%
-Experiential: 12%
-Simulations: 3%
-Team projects: 15%



-Adventure/endurance racing (Rim to Rim)
-Reading ("What the Dog Saw" by Gladwell)
-Private aviation
-IM sports in PHX
-Volunteering w/United Food Bank + WWP



1. Easton Technology Leadership Program:
-Move Out track (tech entre)
-Mgmt skills for diverse tech settings (startup-big)
-Industry Mentors (IBM, Qualcomm, NBC)
-Beyond classes: workshops, enrichment, events
-My ldrship + tech background=strong candidate

2. Tech & Innovation Partners Program:
-Discover the commercial potential of ideas
-Maybe not my biz plan, but work on a project to understand the process
-Collaborate, network, and understand the processes behind venture development

3. AMR



1. AMR: "Special Project Option"?
2. Something about Anderson that you can't find on a blog or webpage that is particularly interesting/exciting?
3. What do you consider to be Anderson's strongest quality or asset?
4. What advice would you give to someone starting at Anderson?



1. Technology + Entre spirit:
-Embodied in "Think in the Next" slogan
-Energy & ecosystem here
-Entrepreneurship track
-Easton Tech Ldrship Program: my ldrship + tech + my goals = ideal next step in my journey
-Tech & Innovation Partners Program
-On-campus Tech Incubator at Cal Nanosystems Institutue (CNSI)
2. AMR:
-Unique to Anderson
-Help me: Traditional (consulting), Biz Creation Option (entre)
3. Location: LA: not only culture+activity, also top 5 tech city US
4. Culture: Awesome experiences w/students:
-Strong relationships
-Believe in surrounding myself w/good people, as good has always come from it.
-Thru Anderson, not only meet good people, but connect w/other great people.


Greatest Leadership Challenge / Experience

S: OEF mission: summer 2008 - 1st deployment, new to SpecOps, 1st combat msn:
T: Air Cdr: 4x aircraft, 30x crew, 100 Rangers
-Infil/exfil under darkness
-Get everyone home safe
-Shots fired, can't make planned HLZ, darkness running out
A: Alt exfil plan:
-Daylight=shoot downs
-Worked Intel to find alt sites: 1) Safe for pax, 2) Safe for helos, 3) **Pre-daylight
R: Safe exfil:
-Everyone home safely
-Technical competence=confidence of team, GF
-Personal confidence for 5 deployments, 200+ combat missions, lead on trips in 6 diff countries



1. Technology + Entrepre: "Think in the Next"
-Tech Entrepreneurship track
-Easton Tech Ldrship Program: my ldrship b/g + tech and my goals, this is the ideal next step in my development
-Tech & Innovation Partners Program
2. AMR: Traditional (consulting), Biz Creation Option (entre development)
3. Location: LA = top 5 tech city US
4. People: awesome experiences w/students



1. Team building/relationships:
-Self-aware, understand people
-Construct strong, x-fnct teams
-EX: NSIT: from family events to client events
2. Versatility/adaptability:
-Comfortable in ambiguity
-Led in SpecOps, now in tech
3. Organization/planning:
-Extremely organized
-Structuring teams and creating realistic, supportable plans



1. Meticulous=lost time.
-Don't let perfect get in the way of the good.
2. As leader, need to let others find their own success:
-EX: Withers.
-PID, adapting
3. Technical abilities.
-EX: goals in tech; limited tech b/g.
-Taking cert courses.


Greatest Accomplishment (Personal)

S: Pres and Finance Officer of a community outreach program in Hondo
T: Started w/5, ended w/30
A1: From Xmas parties to big brother/big sisters programs
A2: Raised nearly $15K over 2 yrs
R1: Impacted the lives of these children
R2: Set the stage for me for future volunteer events/magnitude


Leadership Style

Participative/democratic leadership:
-Buy-in, cohesion, diff perspectives, morale
-Discussion=better ideas
-Leigh Thompson (Kellogg - "Creative Conspiracy") ideas
-Army: flew by committee
-NSIT: marketing strategy


Creative Solution

S: tng ex in Asia; HN won't allow SOF to fly at nightT: find a way to fly at night or otherwise have to cancel an already-in-motion $4M exA: 1) con call w/GF and USN ship; 2) met w/leads for white board sesh; 3) intel/map analysis; 4) plan to leave shore at dusk and op each nightR: 1) approved around; 2) msn success; 3) high-level msn w/lots of great visibility


Challenging Project

S: Project manager for base development in OEF
T: Conduct infrastructure assessment, resource, and prep new base for our TF in Afg
-Never been to this place
-2nd deployment
-Under constant attack
A1: Handpicked x-fnct team
A2: Created project plan + timeline
A3: Launched
R1: Built, refined, occupied base
R2: Launched our largest, longest opn to date
R3: Still used today


Neg Feedback from Boss

S: Lead pilot on event & missed the HLZ w/SEAL team; lead instructor lost it
T: Fix the situation
A1: Analyzed what went wrong
A2: Uncovered grid formatting error
A3: Advised instructor
A4: Something new; integrated into SOP
R1: Improved our process & SOPs
R2: Process inspired confidence of my leadership and peers


Great uncertainty while leading a team?

S: Quick response mission w/o RATELO
T: Insert troops into hostile area w/o comms:
-Not good, but timing was key
A1: Refreshed everyone on contingency SOPs
A2: Created backup plans w/flares & smoke
A3: Open team comms to ensure all bases covered
R1: Inserted team
R2: Mission success
R3: Huge confidence booster in team, self



1. More quant/analytics:
-Chose PM b/c comprehensive: MSOFT
-CC classes: Business Stats, Accting
-Continuing Ed at Insight (Advanced Excel, Finance, Reporting)
2. More well-rounded in mgmt:
-Biz vs. Army: comms, negotiation
-Leverage/converted my skills to civ world: volunteer/social coordinator
3. Narrowed focus:
-Tech exp = wearables
-Apple exp = ideas
-Differentiator: not fitness; help people battle illness, addiction
4. Realize why UCLA is even more relevant for me:
-Tech+entrepreneurship strengths
-Easton Tech Leadership Program
-Tech & Innovation Partners Program
-Entrepreneurship Association
-Los Angeles


3 words that describe me

Honest, Charismatic, Hard Working


How do you function in a team setting?

1. Pref for working in teams:
-Sports to SpecOps
2. Key is awareness of self & team:
-Strengths and weaknesses
-When to lead vs. when to empower others
3. Other keys:
-Active communication, collaboration
4. EX: FE12: Project Mgr for int'l ex:
-Led 50 pax, 3 acft
-Open, honest feedback + comms


How do you function in a team setting?

1. Pref for working in teams:
-Sports to SpecOps to NSIT
2. Key is awareness of self & team:
-Strengths and weaknesses
-When to lead vs. when to empower others
3. Other keys:
-Effective comms, collaboration, clear goals
4. EX: FE12: Project Mgr for int'l ex:
-Led 50 pax, 3 acft
-Open, honest feedback + comms


What do you think about your employers most recent evaluation? What would you improve?

-80-90th percentile
-Fair: still new
-Self-aware, actively solicit feedback=no surprises
-Always learning and developing


Tell me about yourself.

-Close knit fam + small town in NorCal
-UCD on ROTC scholarship
-Aviator: 9 yrs AD
-Majority in SpecOps: "guys on the OBL msn"
-5 combat deployments
-Multiple disaster relief missions
-From Supervisor and Mx mgr to Strategic project mgmt for SpecOps msns
-Entrepreneurial goals in fitness: Army=projects, leadership, creativity=confidence
-Left to pursue these dreams
-Tech job to increase understanding + biz
-UCLA's strength in tech+entre are key to my success


Past conflict - how did you solve it?

S: Project Mgr for tng ex in Korea; Pilots vs. Staff
-Conflicts leading up to event
-SpecOps pilots=super Alpha males
T: Improve cohesion across 50 pax Task Force
-Unique oppy as leader b/c I had both pilot+staff exp
A1: Listed out our collective priorities
A2: Gathered stakeholders
A3: Open comms to assess & compromise
A4: Nested sub-priorities into larger
A5: Enforced team-centric culture
R1: Phenomenal exercise, truly successful
R2: Cited by all as one of the most cohesive teams they'd been a part of in their careers - "first time I truly felt like a "NightStalker"


Greatest leadership experience 2 / Time you led/built a team

S: Handpicked to be mgr of Army's newest SpecOps helicopter company.
T: from 10 guys, 0 helps to 60 guys, 8 helos and combat-ready in a year
A1: Project plan: realistic, supportable
A2: Build the *right* team:
-Human element is most important
-Survival req collectively-minded, character driven teams w/a commitment to shared values
-From BBQs to rigorous tng=bonds
R1: one of the strongest teams I've ever built
R2: deployed nearly 2 mo ahead of sched (went on to be one of the most successful SOA companies in GWOT)


Plan B if not consulting or not wearables.

-Not consulting = mgmt in a tech startup. Developmental opp.
-Not wearables=mgmt in a tech company (e.g. VMWare, Apple)



S: Flt school Helo crash on day 3; nearly died
T: Resolved to keep going thru flight training
A1: Find the courage.
A2: Technical aptitude.
R1: TA=SME. Led teams in war; my knowledge was a bedrock in the worst of times.
R2: Courage=character + dedication. Pilot was lifelong dream; no fear or setbacks deter me. This resilience=success before, will help achieve success later. Also use these lessons to help my teammates.


How will you contribute?

1. Tech + entrepreneurship
2. Clubs: EA, HTBA, AVA, Net Impact
3. Biz idea may actually be a great AMR project
4. Leverage tech relationships to build out networking/learning opps thru clubs


What do you bring to the class?

1. Unique experiences/perspective:
-War in Afg to disaster relief in CA
-Military & business
2. Unique leadership:
-Not just military: helo aviation
-Not just military: SpecOps
-Now tech+biz exp.
3. Team building:
-From Team Captain of sports to flying by committee in SpecOps to forging one of the strongest teams at a F500 company


Accomplishments at Insight

1. Improved biz acumen
2. Pricing+incentive strategy that increased qtryly rev by $2.6M
3. Audited budget: reduced qtrly expenses by 12%
4. Accting initiative that reduced exposure by $80K annually


Volunteer work

Orphanage: 2005-2006
TNT: 2011: $2,550
WWP: 2012: $1,550
Insight Supports Our Heroes: 2013 1/2 ton, $4,000
UFB: 2014


Why MBA? Why now?

"Improved technical acumen and help increase the velocity toward my entrepreneurial goals":
1. Help me become more grounded & comprehensive in my knowledge of general business principles:
-Not just concepts; approach (e.g. McAdams' game theory).
2. Concentration of Resources: Academic centers (CEI)