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Quant Benchmarks

75 60 45 30 15 0001 08 15 22 29 00


Verbal Benchmarks

75 60 45 30 15 0001 10 18 26 34 00


Extra time doesn't help most problem types except? (2x)

Reading Comp, Critical Reasoning


Strategic Guessing: Data Suff.

*Note: AC ELIMINATION strategies (not qualification strategies:1) Find an easier statement and elim (AD or BD)2) Can easily answer using both options? Axe E."3) Each statement gives parallel info? Axe A and B."


Strategic Guessing: Prob Solving

Estimate (i.e. use round figures to calc.)


Strategic Guessing: Sentence Correction

1) Most confident split2) Last resort: concision


Strategic Guessing: CR

1) Elim. ACs not closely tied to the conclusion2) Elim. ACs with EXTREME language


Strategic Guessing: RC

1) General Q type: axe AC not closely tied to the FIRST paragraph2) Specific Q type: DISPROVE at least 1x AC


Strategic Guessing: Prob. Solving: 3x Techniques

1. Estimation: round some up, round some down2. Max/Min: outside the Q parameters?3. Pairing: eliminate the loner, pairs can solve (%, probability), pairs can eliminate (upper half vs. lower)


Strategic Guessing: Prob Solving keys

-Look for spread out ACs-Use ACs to steer estimation, min/max, pairing


What to do if you use Smart #s and end up with a weird fraction (e.g. 3 1/3)?

Multiply EVERYTHING by the relative fraction (e.g. if a 1/3rd, then multiple everything by 3). See CAT I #20 for ref.


A tech to remember Back-up/Alt. Strategies

Write the techniques you usually "punt"" during the test at the TOP of your scratch paper"


Strategy: Data Sufficiency Quick Elimination: needs to be WHAT kind of problem?

Value question: "What is x?"" (*NOT yes/no)"