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Why Tesla?

1. Electric vehicles: believe in what Tesla doing.
-Left Army: wanted to work in areas that can positively change the world (3 areas: Tech, Clean Energy, HC)
-Important to do things I believe in
-Tesla is 2 of those (Tech, Clean Energy); not just vehicles either - battery packs for solar, EV powertrains for Daimler, Toyota
-Oppy is huge ("Car business is $2T a year in new vehicle sales," Elon, Q4 Earnings Call)
2. Synthesis of manufacturing and technology:
-Tesla Touchscreen, Software (phone app), process design
-Tech=culture of innovation, fast paced
-Leverage tech to streamline and improve efficiencies
3. Culture/mindset:
-"Do the impossible" (from Jeff Evanson, VP Investor Relations, Jan. '14 Corp Preso) and "Everything we do makes a difference" (G. Blankenship, Model X vid).
-Like SpecOps: no endeavor is insurmountable w/right people w/right motivation.
- Not just challenging convention; changing history. And proud of it.


Why logistics?

1. One of my greatest strengths:
-Tremendous experience thru SpecOps: worldwide deployments, proj mgmt; leading x-fnct teams, project plans under tight timelines, figuring out regulations (fed, int'l), data driven problem solving
-Left military, found Product Mgr (TECH, comprehensive, great learning oppy)
-Now experienced + greater biz acumen = greater understanding of my interests and desires
2. Natural interests:
-Project oriented
-Analytical, problem solving


How do I fit into logistics?

1. Army Avn is one of the most logistics-heavy msns
2. SpecOps = Avn on steroids
-Multifunctional: Work and know different military branches, teams, capabilities
-International: SW+SE Asia, Central America
-Extremely fast-paced
3. $320M SpecOps acft: everything from Mx schedules to acquisition
4. Now manage all facets of the $80M Apple business at NSIT: MSOFT:
-EX: New product introduction=forecast+trending


Logistics: micro

S: Project Manager of 6-wk exercise in TH and CB.
T: Plan, organize, & coordinate transport of 4 helos, 80 pax, 100 tons of eqpt. Sustain for 6 wks.
A1) X-fnct, 6-person team to both countries for coord w/US and HN DoD,DoS for requirements gathering
A2) Project plan and timeline.
A3) Create air load plans for 5x C17s; found way to reduce to 4x)
A4) Log chain to sustain opns
A5) Open, active dialogue w/US Embassy+DoS for clnc, customs, coord
A6) Execute, adapt (HN complications, maint)
R1) Largest magnitude event in Bn to date.
R2) 95% OR rate, 100% msn execution
R3) Template for Global Pursuit msns in the Pacific


Tell Me About Yourself

-Originally from a small town in NorCal
-UCD on full ROTC scholarship
-9 years as an Avn Officer, most in SpecOps
-160th: "guys on the OBL msn"
-Frequent worldwide deployments: Afg, all of Central America, much of east Asia
-Everything from TF Cdr on Combat Msns to Mx Mgr for $320M worth of acft & eqpt to Global Proj Mgmt for our battalion
-Completed all my military goals & left in pursuit of oppys in tech
-PM job at a corporate reseller
-Following Tesla for a while and learned about this oppy


3 Strengths

1. Versatility: Led teams in combat and in corporate, high stress/time sensitive ops, communicate w/teams from different branches, functional areas, countries
2. Problem-solving: Finding my way w/o precedence or guidance
3. Building and leading strong teams:
-Led 40-50 people on combat missions
-Created 1 of the strongest teams in my dept


3 Weaknesses

1. Strength + Weakness: Meticulous:
-Want to get everything right; perfect in the way of the good
-EX: Constant tweaks on marketing content
2. Leader: need to let others learn for themselves:
-EX: handover with Withers
3. Not familiar w/Tesla's Warp Trans Mgmt System (TMS)


Why this position?

1. Make the move back to Operations & Logistics:
-My strengths and interests
2. Alignment w/my skill set:
-Tho not TMS: learned and worked w/USAF and USN loading procedures, created crisis response logistics plans,
-Now have broader analytical skill set (maintaining exec dashboards, reporting, etc.)
3. Influence in process and development:
-Opportunity to innovate and invest in the future and growth
4. Oppy to be a part of what Tesla is doing


Friends/coworkers describe you?

1. Driven. Relentless personality - I'm all in.
-EX: training for marathon or prep'ing a project; good quarter-already laying gnd work for the next
2. Leader, not a manager. Invest in the collective & long-term perspective, not just tasks:
-EX: understand, strengthen the team (e.g. Apple at Insight)
3. Organized:
-EX: Creating SOPs for new product introductions, creating internal finance and accounting spreadsheets


What is Insight?

Product Mgmt for a global IT reseller:
-Manage Apple
-$80M annually, aiming for $90M this year
-Manage all facets of Insight's Apple business: MSOFT
-Manage the Insight-Apple relationship


Logistics: macro

S: Project Manager for global deployment SOP
T: Startup Bn; create different operations templates for different contingency or wartime operations (# or type of acft, duration of deployment, etc.)
A1: Establish stakeholders for each respective dept
A2: Requirements gathering, self-education
A3: Project plan
A4: Implementation, trials, lessons learned
A5: Refined, published, presented
R1: Became the standard for training and real-world contingencies (still used)
R2: Executed on several international exercises in east Asia and on 2 real-world terrorism missions


Tesla 2013 Overview

1. Class F-Segment (luxury, full-size sedan) leader w/~14,500 units sold (next was ~9,500) in 1st 3 qtrs '13
2. Longterm goal: operating margin "in the teens" (Deepak Ahuja, CFO)
3. Global footprint (US, Europe, Asia), global demand.
4. Vehicles, batteries
5. Li-ion disposal (2 facilities: US and EUR)


Supercharging stations

1. "Free long distance driving, forever"
2. 2015 Supercharger map is ridiculous
3. Partnership w/Panasonic for energy production


Business Model

1. Use 1st (Roadster) and 2nd Gen (Model S) vehicles to drive rev/profit and bolster the move into Gen 3 (Model X, D-segment sedan=Audi A4)
2. Direct customer engagement: close customer integration/feedback loop (stores, social media)
3. Focus on efficiencies: productivity, leveraging customer feedback, global supply chain - culture of refinement
4. Motivated by excellence and fairness:
-AGM of 28%, but not via exorbitant pricing
-China: not going to price gouge (like other OEMs)


Model X

1. Seats 7, 0-60 in under 5 sec
2. AWD tech - Dual motor AWD
3. Falcon doors = functionality (+innovative)
4. "Not even advertising the Model X yet, but the demand is remarkably high," EM, Q4 Earnings Call



1. Tremendous growth - Gigafactory, Model X, D-segment car by '17, expect 55% vehicle delivery growth by EOY'14 - what kind of growth and changes do you expect in the next few years?
2. Unique challenges of this position?
3. How has this position evolved since it was created?
4. Do you have questions about my background?
5. What have past employees done in this position to be successful?
6. What are the top priorities facing this position in the first 90 days?

7. What are some of the things that brought you to Tesla from HP?
8. Read a lot about the culture; how would you describe?
9. What are the best ways to contribute to the overall department?
10. Are there continuing education and professional training opportunities (thinking about an MBA)?
11. Typical career trajectory for someone in this position?



-$4-5B project
~6,500 employees
-Aiming for 2017
-Finalists: NV, AZ, NM, TX
-Renewable energy sources


Key Financials

-Deposits up 16% (=demand)
-GM 25%, aiming for 28%
-Roughly 1,000 units/wk production (EUR+Asia could be double the delivery by Q4'14; non-US = 2x US sales)


Tesla: Who's Who

VP of Supply Chain: Peter Carlsson
-Former CPO of NXP Semiconductors, Eriksson

Logistics Director: Adam P. (2 yrs w/Tesla)
-HP: VP of HP IPG EMEA, Supply Chain (1 yr)
-HP: VP of HP IPG Worldwide Ops Planning (3 yrs)
-Cisco: Director of Ops (8 yrs)
-USN Submarine Officer (7 yrs)
-ME from Cal, BS from Annapolis

Sr Mgr of Logistics: Mike Polich (1 yr)
-Ford: Engineer thru Logistics Mgr (16 yrs)
-MBA from Ross
-BSME from Michigan Tech


Logistics: micro

1. OEF: over 200 missions:-Synchronize up to 10 acft (intel, attack), 3 fuel sources, GF (80 pax)-Coordinate for all contingencies (e.g. CASEVAC)


Sr Log Analyst: Skills

-Advanced proficiency in MS Office
-3+ yrs experience in the development of TMS
-Create written reports, proposals, processes, & proj docs
-Knowledge of logistics, transpo alts, customer expectations
-Knowledge of manufacturing processes, design, safety
-Organizational, analytical, comms skills
-Leadership ability & excellent interpersonal skills


Sr Log Analyst: Responsibilities

-Continued internal development of Warp TMS
-Proj Mgmt of multiple x-fnct teams
-Develop log SOW/SOP
-Assist vendor negotiations and vetting
-Key project metrics and exec dashboard
-Assure compliance w/fed, SL corp policies
-Maintain/organize project records & docs
-ID oppys to increase bandwidth thru automation & streamlining


3 things to a successful business environment

1. Clearly defined, established, understood goals.
2. Effective communication.
3. Commitment to the team, the goal, the ideals.


Why do you want this job?

1. Trajectory = back into log: my strengths, my passions
2. Tesla = beautiful blending of design, manuf., tech + culture
3. This position = log, innovation, ability to influence, work on teams, etc.