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Brainstorming acronym

Counterargument, Assumptions, Strengthen, Terms


Synonyms for article

CARECritique, Account/Analysis, Review/Report, Essay Statement/SynopsisCPR DETRACTS:Critique, Passage, ReportDiscourse, Essay, Treatise, Review, Account, Composition, Thesis, Synopsis


Synonyms for argument

CARECommentary, Analysis, Reasoning/Rationale, Explanation/Evaluation/ExaminationCCAARREE ACE:Commentary, Critique, Analysis, Assessment, Rationale, Reasoning, Explanation, Evidence Appraisal, Criticism, Evaluation


Timeline/Time mgmt

RBOWL: R 30, B 28, O 26, W 24, L 4RBOWL: Read (2 min), Brainstorm (2 min), Outline (2 min), Write (20 min), Last efforts (4 min)


Brainstorming acronym: Common Errors

ALUE:Alt. causesLanguage (faulty)Unforeseen consequencesEvidence (faulty)


Synonyms for author

CAPSCreator, Agent, Proponent, SupporterSCOPESupporter, Creator, Originator, Proponent, EssayistAdvocateSWAB A SCOPE:Supporter, Writer, Agent, Backer AdvocateSpokesman, Creator, Originator, Proponent, Essayist


Thesis: PRI

That being said, the efficacy of the argument is diminished by the fact that the statement itself possesses some assumptions and logical fallacies that undermine the veracity and strength of the claim.


Whit's Guidelines for Format

INTRO: 3 sentences: describe the arg, compliment author, thesisBODY 1: C, A, or T: top 2 issuesBODY 2: C, A, or T: top 2 issuesCONCLUSION: 3-4 sentences: compliment author, 2 sentences on S (strength), close