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Common pathogens that cause orbital cellulitis

mrsa strep species and haemophilus species


Scabies in older children and adults ppt

Threadlike burrows in interdigital areas, groin, elbows and ankles ; in infants pustules and bullae in areas not commonly found in adults


Hydrogen cyanide poisoning. Antidote?

Toxic colorless odorless liquid becomes a gas just above room temperature. Used as rodenticide and also Used in manufacturing process for synthetic fibers and plastic causes metabolic acidosis. Hydroxocobalamin is an approved antidote.


Diabetes dx criteria?

Fasting glucose level of above 126mg/dl, 2 hour plasma glucose of above 200 mg or diabetes sx plus random plasma glucose of above 200mg/dl


Another name for hsp

anaphylactoid purpura


Major morbidity of pauciarticular arthritis is

Chronic uveitis (anterior uveitis)


Human bites can be infected with?

Oral flora like staph aureus, strep viridans, eikenella corrodens and anaerobes.


Mgmt of human bites and drugs?

Debride and tx with amoxicillin clavulanate, ticarvillin clavulanate or amoxicillin sulbactam


Contraindication to vaccines in general and DTAP in particular?

Previous anaphylactic reaction and for dTAP: occurrence of encephalopathy within 7 days of administration


Tb meningitis PPT?

can linger for weeks unlike encephalopathy caused by epidural hematoma, herpes encephalitis or bacterial meningitis. First week is non specific sx and then second week is focal neurologic signs, seizures, hypertonicity, seizures etc. third stage is coma, htn, decompensation and death.


What is a cholesteotoma

Acquired or congenital. Epithelium lined sac filled with debris. Can present in children with recurrent otitis media or with chronically draining ear. Can gross massively and cause facial nerve damage, hearing loss and intracranial extension.


Antidote for arsenic poisoning

dmsa. Dimercaptosuccinic acid


Salmon patch aka

Nevus simplex . Nevus flammeus is port wine stain.


Sebaceous Nevus? What are they?

Small sharply edged lesions that occur mostly on head and neck of infants. These lesions are yellow orange in color and slightly elevated usually hairless malignant degeneration usually after adolescence is possible


Frost nip

Small white firm cold lesions in exposed areas. Treat by rewarming before becoming numb.


Frost bite

- tissue becomes frozen and destroyed. Initial stinging then aching followed by numb areas. Rewarming leads to pain redness and blotchiness.



small ulcerated lesions on exposed areas such as ears and fingers. Lasts 1-2 weeks.


Trench foot?

Foot becomes numb, cold, pale and edematous after exposure to cold and moisture.


Cold panniculitis

Destruction of fat cells because of the cold. Benign condition that self resolves


VACTERL pneumonic

Vertebral defects, anal atresia, cardiac defects, te fistula, renal/radial defects and limb deformities. Intelligence normal.


Cri du chat ppt

Mental retardation, self injurious behavior, hypersensitivity to sounds, repetitive behavior, abnormal laryngeal development


Lead poisoning antidote

Severe: Calcium EDTA and dimercaprol. Mild: Oral dimercaptosuccinic acid or IV/IM calcium EDTA


Salicylate poisoning causes?

metabolic acidosis and then respiratory alkalosis. Excretion of salicylates in the urine can be enhanceddd by acetazolamide and IV sodium bicarbonate


Organophosphate insecticide poisoning MOA? Tx?

inhibit cholinesterases leading to high levels of acetylcholine. treat with atropine, which is an acetylcholine receptor antagonist prollowed by pralidoxime. Also wash insecticide, do gastric lavage, induce emesis.


Methanol toxicity induces? What is the tx for it?

Profound metabolic acidosis. Treatment includes emptying somach by emesis or gastric lavage, IV infusion of ethanol basically saturates the enzyyme systems so that the conversion to methanol to toxins is limited.


EPS caused by phenothiazines respond quickly to ?



Antidote for too much iron -

Deferoxamine. Forms a complex with iron and gets excreted into urine.


Trichomonas Vaginalis PPT? and Tx?

Foul smelling greenish vaginal discharge. common STD. dysuria. Strawberry cervix. Treat with metronidazole


Giardia PPT and TX?

Fatty diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, foul smelling. Transmitted through cysts in water. treat with tinidazole (first line) or metronidazole (off label use)


Diphyllobothrium latum what is it? Tx?

Transmitted from larvae from freshwater fish. Treated with praziquantel. this is the largest tapeworm. presents with vitamin B12 deficiency because tapeworm competes for it.