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What is "Proximity"

Graphical elements that are close together are perceived as belonging together


What is "Similarity"

Graphical elements that are similar tend to be grouped together


What is "Continuity"

Graphical elements are grouped together on a path that is smooth and continuous rather than with abrupt changes


What is "Common Region"

Graphical elements tend to be grouped together if contained in a common region "Closed contour tends to be seen as the boundary of an object"


What is "Symmetry"

Two parts can be seen as a whole when symmetry is used.


What is "Closure"

A closed contour is seen as a whole object. If enough of the contour is filled in, people tend to fill in the missing information themselves


What are figure and ground?

A figure is something that is perceived to be in the foreground. The ground is whatever lies behind the figure.


What is connectedness?

Powerful tendency of the visual system to perceive any uniform, connected region as a single unit.


What is relative size?

Smaller components of patterns seem to be perceived as objects


What is "Alignment"?

Nothing should be placed on the page arbitrarily. Purpose is to unify the page.


What is "repetition"

Repeat some aspects of the design throughout the entire piece. The basic purpose is to unify the design and add visual interest.


What is "Contrast"

If two items are different on the page, make them REALLY different. Basic purpose is organization on the page, and creating visual interest


What are the four parts of CRAP?

Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity.