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What are primary users?

people, or groups of people in an organization who use the application directly


What are secondary users?

People or groups of people who are not primary users but who are affected or influenced in some way by the computer system or who affect or influence its development.


What are stakeholders?

Together primary users and secondary users are known as stakeholders.


What are some user characteristics that are relevant to UI design?

Physical abilities and disabilities
Educational background
Computer/IT experience


What is a persona?

Precise description of a user and what he or she wishes to do when using a system


What are felt needs?

Hidden or slow to be identified needs. Users may not know or understand what a system may be able to offer them or how it could make the accomplishment of their goals easier


What are expressed needs?

What people say they want.


What is a domain?

The area of expertise and specialist knowledge for which an application may be developed.


What is a domain model?

The domain information and concepts relevant to the particular system under development. These domain models contain a subset of the total expert knowledge of the whole domain.


What is a task analysis?

The activity system designers use to gain an understanding of what a computer system must do and the functionality that the system must provide if it is to support the users in their goals and tasks.


What is a task?

a structured set of related activities that are undertaken in some sequence


What is an action?

an individual operation or step that needs to be undertaken as part of the task


What are some characteristics of tasks?

The extent to which they vary from one occasion to the other.
- how often they will be carried out
- the knowledge and skill required to perform tasks
-how much work is affected by the environment
- whether time is critical
-whether there are safety hazards
-whether the user will do work alone or with others
- whether user will be switching between tasks.


What is a mental model?

They are the models people have of themselves, other, the environment and the things with which they interact. People form mental models through experience, training and instruction.


What is a structural model?

Structural models assume that the user has internalized in memory the structure of how a particular device or system works. (how it works)


What is a functional model?

Functional models assume that the user has internalized procedural knowledge about how to use the device or system. (how to use it)