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What are design principles?

derived from experience, abstract, high level guides for design which because of their generality are difficult to apply


What are design rules?

low level highly specific instructions that the designer can follow with a minimum of interpretation


What are the four psychological principles?

- users see what they expect to see
- users have difficulty focusing on more than one activity at a time
- it is easier to perceive a structured layout
- it is easier to recognize something than the recall it


What is the principle of consistency?

users find it difficult to handle the unexpected, therefore it is important to be consistent throughout the UI


What is the principle of exploiting prior knowledge?

users perceive the screen using their prior knowledge this provides the opportunity to draw on their experience


What is the principle of perceptual organization?

If you group things together that go together it is easier for the user to pay attention to the appropriate group


What is the principle of importance?

If something is important for the user, it should be placed in a prominent position


What are some modern metrics of usability?

-error tolerant
-easy to learn


What is a constraint?

Factors that may influence choices in design.


What is a trade-off?

resolving a conflict by sacrificing one item (eg feature) in order to achieve another