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What is heuristic analysis?

Non-user testing (aka discount)


Why would we use heuristic analysis vs user testing?

-Cheaper (time, money, access to users)
-easy to repeat
-don't require ethics approval


How many expert reviewers do you need for HA and what do they require?

1. Need at least 3 expert reviewers
2. Each reviewer needs a scenario
• Based on task analysis and design
• Just like in your test plan for users


What should you establish before the evaluation?

3. Must establish the aims of the
evaluation at the outset
• I.M.P.A.C.T
4. Select appropriate heuristics
• Use your textbook or online descriptions
5. Instruct the evaluators about how your
software system is to be used


What do the evaluators need to do during HA

6. Evaluators try to use the system
7. Evaluators apply heuristics rigorously and
• Work through scenarios
• Imagine being the users
• Assess the severity of mistakes and users
ability to recover from errors
• Helpful to use a standard reporting form
• Need to work through several scenarios


What does the evaluation team do after testing has been completed?

8. Evaluation team compiles all problems
• Make list of all potential problems
• Even if only one evaluator predicted
problem it must be considered


What does I.M.P.A.C.T stand for?

Intention • What are the users' characteristics?
• What will the users need/want to do with the software?
Measures • What measures should be applied?
• How will those measures be operationalised and applied?
People Who will the experts be?
Activities Which concrete scenarios will be used?
Context • What is the software to be used in conjunction with?
• Is it part of a larger project?
• How much choice do users have to use this software?
• Is there teamwork and assistance?
• What is the physical set-up? Etc.
Technologies How will the system be represented to the evaluators?


How are heuristics different from guidelines? how are they similar?

A heuristic is a process or method, while a guideline is a general rule or principle.
Heuristics may use guidelines to create their methods or influence their processes, but are ultimately about discovery.