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what is "SCRUM"

a rapid prototyping/agile approach
iterative and incremental
clearly defined roles
strict organization


what are Laytons programming principles?

-resist formality
-think and act as a team
-visualize rather than write


what are the special challenges to UI development?

-the communications explosion (with the development of networks users now need ways to communication with many other types of users)
-the media explosion (many types of devices)
-the usability explosion (users want availability, increased awareness of poor UI)


what is the spiral model?

A common model for "risky development". Iteration is built in but rigid.


what is top-down design?

-designing in broadstrokes first and then working down to the details


what is bottom-up design?

-starting by designing the small details and then figuring out how they go together to form the bigger picture