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List 4 causes of Erosive and Hemorrhagic Gastritis

Drugs (NSAIDS)
Etoh (alcohol)
Stress (illness)
Portal hypertension


What are the Symptoms of Erosive and Hemorrhagic Gastritis?

None or some:
Epigastric pain
Nausea and vomiting
UGI bleed


Endoscopy finds superficial lesions, subepithelial hemorrhages, petachiae (purple spot), and erosions

Erosive and Hemorrhagic Gastritis


If there were any abnormal lab results for Hemorrhagic Gastritis what would they be?

Iron deficiency anemia


Stress Gastritis is a specific cause of:

Erosive and Hemorrhagic Gastritis


Tell me about Stress Gastritis (how it develops, how to cure it, treat it)

Develops within 72 hours of critical illness
To cure it we want a gastric pH > 4
We do so using PPI or H2 blockers (prophylaxis)
Treat using high dose PPI


What are 5 alarm symptoms of Gastritis? What do yo do?

Severe pain, wt loss, vomiting, GI bleed, anemia
Do Endoscopy


Congestion of capillaries and venules of gastric mucosa and submucosa. Has to do with serosis, portal hypertension, ability to drain to portal system. Correlates with liver disease. Appear to be chronic asymptomatic bleeders

Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy


Tell me 3 things about Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy. What's the treatment? (2)

Congestion of capillaries and venules of gastric mucosa and submucosa
Correlates with severity of liver ds
Often asymptomatic but may present as chronic bleed
Tx: Propanolol or nadolol to lower portal pressure and prevent rebleeding or portal decompressive procedures


What are the 3 categories of Nonerosive Nonspecific Gastritis

H pylori infection
Pernicious Anemia
Lymphocytic Gastritis


Tell me 4 things about H. Pylori Gastritis

Spiral gram negative rod
Resides below gastric mucus layer adjacent to gastric epithelial cells
Causes gastric mucosal inflammation with PMNs and lymphocytes
Increased in nonwhites and immigrants


List 3 complications of H Pylori

15%develop PUD
Increased rate of gastric adenocarcinoma
Increased rate of low grade B cell gastric lymphoma


4 groups tested for H pylori

H/o PUD (peptic ulcer disease)
H/o mucosa associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma (maltoma)
Family history of gastric CA especially if of Asian descent
Screening isn’t indicated in general population


List 3 tests to diagnose H pylori Gastritis
Which is gold standard?

2 noninvasive tests:
Serologic tests sensitive but not specific (not recommended for eradication)
Fecal antigen tests and Urea breath tests > 95% sensitive and specific
1 Invasive test:
Endoscopy with bx of antrum and body is gold standard but expensive


Why do you biopsy the antrum to test for H pylori?

Bacteria tends to settle in the antrum


What is Pernicious Anemia?
What 2 problems result?

Hereditary autoimmune disorder involving the fundic glands and parietal cells within them.
Achlorohydria and vitamin B12 malabsorption (because they don't have intrinsic factor..secreted by parietal cells)


What is Achlorohydria?

A result of pernicious anemia. causes hypergastrinemia (high gastrin levels) due to loss of inhibition of gastrin G cells


What disease is associated with celiac disease and H pylori? What's the treatment?

Lymphocytic Gastritis
Tx: Steroids


What's the TREATMENT?
Acute bacterial infection of gastric submucosa and muscularis by a variety of anaerobic or aerobic organisms
Rare, rapidly progressive condition known as necrotizing gastritis

Gastric resection and antibiotics is the treatment for Infections


Eosinophils infiltrate the antrum
Peripheral eosinophilia present on CBC
Anemia, abd pain, early satiety, postprandial vomiting

Name disorder and treatment for it

Eosinophilic gastritis.
Tx: steroids and PPI


group of drugs whose main action is a pronounced and long-lasting reduction of gastric acid production.



Break in gastric or duodenal mucosa
Mucosal defense impaired or overwhelmed by aggressive luminal factors (acid, pepsin)
Ulcer= 5mm diameter + through muscularis mucosa

Peptic Ulcer Disease


Where does Peptic Ulcer Disease commonly occur?

Duodenum > Stomach