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developing meaningful goals

- motivation is most important. enhance desire, provide confidence, and will over minor setbacks.
- link day-to-day behaviors to goals
- identify common obstacles
> work, home, support, time
> develop strategy to overcome


goal categories

- be all you used to be (past) (resume old activities)
- be better now (present)- medical, vacation
- be all you can be (future)- event (marathon) longer timeline

-present- what aspects of life made better if medical attained-live longer- grandkids, activities, meds
> new goals will emerge


motivation (pt 1)


-in- personal fulfillment. (joy, well-being, interest)- ensure goals realistic
> support? - time away from spouse/kids, new meals- overload leads to relapse
-ex- environment. (inadequate to sustain motivation)
>caregiver, doctor, maintain attractiveness to spouse
> seek deeper/ personal goals


combined in/ extrinsic (pt 2)

- common for goals to initially be intrin or extrin
> more opportunities to reinforce goals
> majority of motivation should become intrinsic
- need to get in shape = return to enjoyed activities


transform large goals to small

- general or unrealistic goals demotivate people
- small direct goals direct energy
- creates clearer picture/ roadmap for success
-what would like be like if goal reached?
> firs thing they would do it more fit? activities? with whom? free time?


small goals
real goals/ real obstacles

-must be meaningful
-within immediate reach

-discover obstacles/develop plan beforehand
internal/ external


internal obstacles
all or nothing vs growth mindset

- I have tried everything and nothing works
> health and fitness determined by genes, avoid challenges, give up easy
-growth mindset- desire to learn and grow
>embrace challenges, persist in face of setbacks, find inspiratory/ lessons in others


internal obstacles

-ask- how could you have overcome obstacle? what next time?
-client finds way on own
('how will you ensure to drink more water?' vs 'make sure to drink 64 oz a day!'


external obstacles

-coach needs gain realistic understanding of time available to client + motivation level
-90min/d 5d/wk
> if no: school events, traffic, work project, travel time


long term goal time
short term

- 6mos+
- 1-2 mos (4-8 weeks)


HAES (Healthy at every Size)
Shifting health paradigm

- action instead of numbers
lose 20 lbs = action change/ behavior reprogram
-SMART, health focused goals, SELF, SE


Self Rewards

- make intrinsic not extrinsic (massage, new outfit, time w/ fav hobby)
- positive self talk- immediate reward
- change negative statements to positive
> I will never stop eating icecream, I will occasionally eat fruit instead