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Spatial and temporal setting

12th January, 2010. Haiti. Magnitude: 7.0 MMS


Cause of the event

- Enriquillo Plantain Garden fault system.
- Energy released along 65km
- Land movement of 1.8m.
-Epicentre 25km from Port Au Prince. Shallow focus of 13km.


Why were the people of Haiti so vulnerable?

- High levels of poverty: GNI $660 per capita
- Dependence on remittance
- Low access to basic services
- Seismically active area
- Not fully recovered from previous hazards
- Lack of emergency planning


Primary impacts

- 70% of buildings collapsed
- around 230,000 deaths and 3,000 injured
- Government buildings destroyed
- All hospitals in Port Au Prince destroyed and around 1300 schools


Secondary impacts

- 4000 inmates escaped
- 2.3 million made homeless
- Break down of law and order. Looting and violence
- Cholera outbreak due to damaged water supplies
- $8 billion economic costs. Further government debt


Relief stage

Local people undertake search and rescue


Rehabilitation stage

- Neighbouring countries sent aid
- Tents and temporary accommodation set up


Reconstruction stage

- World bank cancelled half of Haiti's debt
- Cash-for-work programmes
- Buildings assessed for damage. Development programmes for rebuild.
- WB funded 140,000 children's education
- Plan of action created by government and creation of disaster plan


Why was the response so poor?

- Lack of infrastructure, disaster preparedness plans and equipment
- Damage to port and airport so difficult to receive resources
- Ineffective government
- Unable to afford to assist themselves (LIC)