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Spatial and temporal setting

17th January, 2002. Democratic Public of Congo. VEI: 1


Why did the event occur?

Release of tension at constructive plate boundary in African Rift Valley. 250m deep and 2km wide crater that contains lava lake. This lake meant rapid lava flow of over 40mph.



Responsible for 40% of all Africa's eruptions. Frequent but tend to be slow so low threat. Causes very fertile soil; cost/benefit. This eruption was very unexpected.



- Warning meant evacuation was possible
- Destroyed 1/3 of Goma (water & power facilities)
- killed 147. Mostly from poisonous gases, contaminated water and falling buildings
- Poisoned water supplies
- 350,000 fled to Rwanda. Issues with food and shelter.
- Looting
- Several earthquakes followed
- Unemployment rose from 80% to 95%



- Red alert for Goma and surrounding areas
- Local authorities struggled to respond due to civil war
- UN brought in humanitarian aid two days after
- Camps set up for now homeless people. Provided healthcare. Cost of $15 million
- US AID. 40,000 blankets, water and technical assistance
- Dependence on aid and external assistance