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What is the optimum water temp that is safe and comfortable

110 f to 115 F (43 - 56 C)


when removing a gown from a patient with an IV while giving a bed bath, what side should you start on?

The opposite side from the IV


should you use soap near the eyes?



What should you do if a patients gums start bleeding while you are brushing them?

stop immediately and check platelet levels, might need to use a toothette


can you use a toothette on someone with a cognitive impairment? why or why not?

no, there is a risk they will bite off the sponge


what personal items are required to have names on them?

emesis basins, bath basins, tooth brushes
tooth paste


What should you do if an unconcious patient begins to bite the toothbrush

dont jerk the toothbrush out, wait for mouth to relax


What consideration should you have for a patient with bleeding gums from chemo therapy?

use a toothette and a saltwater rinse