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What sources are used for aircraft anti-icing and de-icing?

Bleed air heat and electric heat


What uses bleed air for ice protection?

Engine lips, 3 outboard slats


What uses electric heat for ice protection?

- Pitot Static system (smart and TAT probes)
- Windshields
- Water lines (drain masts)
- Pressurization static port


When are the Air Data Smart Probes and TAT probes heated?

Whenever the engines are running


Where can you find both bleed air pressure and temperature?

Anti-ice synoptic page


What happens when the ICE PROTECTION MODE selector knob is in AUTO

Allows automatic operation of the engine anti-ice system


When will the engine and wing anti-ice systems operate automatically in the event of an ice encounter

When the ICE PROTECTION MODE selector is in AUTO


With the wing ice protection button pushed in it allows what?

Operates automatically or ON based on the ice protection mode selector robot and the ice setting in the MCDU


If an engine fails does the opposite wing and engine receive ice protection?

-Yes, the crossbleed valve opens for the wings
- The failed engine doesn't receive lip heat


How long will the de-ice system remain on after icing is no longer detected?

5 mins


At what temp are we considered in icing conditions?

SAT (ground) or TAT (flight) is 10C or below with any form of visible moisture and/or visibility of 1SM or less


When do you select "ALL" in the MCDU?

During taxi out and takeoff when SAT is 10 below and icing conditions exist


If ICING on the MCDU is set to OFF and on takeoff roll icing conditions are encountered, will the de-icing system turn on?

Not until 1700' or 2 mins after takeoff, whichever occurs first


Can the APU be used to provide bleed air for de-icing?



What is protected from ice and rain?

Engine inlets, wing leading edge, smart probes, windshields, water drains


May a republic aircraft be flown into a known area of severe icing?



Is the icing system automatic?

Yes, under normal conditions


How can you override the system logic and turn the anti-ice system on?

Select ICE PROTECTION selector knob to ON


How many ice detection systems are installed?

2. They are completely redundant. One will provide complete detection capability.


How is ice detected in flight?

- Two ice detectors, vibrating sensor elements that change frequency when ice builds up around it
- Once ice is detected, the sensor element heats, the ice melts, normal vibrating characteristics are restored and the heating stops. The cycle repeats as ice rebuilds on the probes


What would happen with the failure of one ice detector?

If the remaining detector senses an icing condition, the system automatically activates the ENGINE and WING anti-ice system


How is bleed air directed for pneumatic anti-ice

Engines - independent
Wings - onside bleed


What compressor stage is bleed air tapped for anti-icing operations?

10th high stage valve (HSV)


What part of the engine is heated?

Engine Lip


What happens if there is a single bleed source failure?

The crossbleed automatically opens supplying airflow from one engine bleed to the opposite wing anti-ice


What happens to the engine bleed valve with the loss of electrical power?

The engine bleed valve is fail safe open


Do you have anti-ice protection during single engine?

- Only the running engine will have lip protection
- The wings will be heated


How should the MCDU be set if there are icing conditions present on the ground?



What does selecting ALL on the MCDU provide and how long does the protection last if no ice detected with the ice mode selector knob in AUTO?

Engine: ON when engines running; OFF at 1700' or 5 min after liftoff whichever happens first
Wing: ON at 40 kts wheel speed; OFF at 1700 AGL or 5 mins after takeoff whichever happens first


When does the AUTO mode allow anti-ice to the engines and slats?

- Whenever icing is detected in flight
- Based on system logic according to A-I selecting on the MCDU T/O DATASET MENU page


What will happen on takeoff if the TO DATASET is set to ENG and the MODE selector is in AUTO and ice is detected?

The engine A/I will be on as long as the engines are running the wing A/I will be on up to 1,700' or 2 mins after T/O


What will happen on takeoff if the TO DATASET is set to ENG and the MODE selector is in AUTO and ice is not detected?

The engine A/I will be on but the wing A/I will not


What does the pushed OUT position do on the selector knob for Engine 1 or 2 ice protection?

Closes the engine anti ice valve and prevents automation operation


If the wing or engine ice protection buttons are pushed out the associated ate-ice system is?



Turning the ICE PROTECTION MODE selector to ON does what?

Opens the engine and wing A/I valves


How would you configure the ENGINE and WING A/I system for automatic operation?

The ENGINE 1 (2) ICE PROTECTION pushbuttons must be in. OFF, ENG, or ALL must be selected on the MCDU TO DATASET menu


How do pilots know if icing conditions exist?

An ICE CONDITION advisory message on the EICAS


When is the windshield heated when the WINDSHIELD HEATING 1 or 2 button is pushed IN?

Always on when there is AC power available, except in specific conditions


What does the TIMER selection on the windshield wiper switch do?

Activates the associated wiper in 7 second intervals


When there is only 1 AC source how does it affect the windshield heating system?

On ground: load shed
In flight: Left side is heated, right heats if left is failed


What is the max airspeed for windshield wiper operations failed not in the park position?



What happens if the wiper is operated on a dry windshield?

- The wiper will stop
- To reset wiper move switch to OFF


When does the smart probes and TAT probe heat turn on?

When an engine is running


How many smart and TAT probes are there?



When do we use the ice protection test selector knob?

TEST function is a maintenance procedure


A failure of any of the water and waste heating systems is indicated?

On the flight attendant panel


What would cause an ENG REF A-I DISAG EICAS message?

Anytime the MCDU TO DATASET is in a different configuration from the aircraft bleed and A/I configuration


Name a few types of ice and which is most common?

Clear, mix, rime; Rime is most common


How should the aircraft be configured for de-icing?

Bleeds - OFF
Stab trim - Full nose down
Flaps - UP
Engines and APU ON or OFF


With the Ice Detection Mode Selector knob set to AUTO and the T/O DATASET "REF A/I" set to OFF, the wing and engine A/I is inhibited until when?

1700 AGL or 2 mins after liftoff, whichever occurs first

ASM 16-10


What speed could you use windshield wipers?

250 KIAS max


Are wings heated on the ground? At what speed do they heat?

Only if A/I is set to ALL - activates wheel speed >40 kts

ASM 16-10


How much of the wing is heated?

3 outboard leading edge slats


When are engines heated on the ground?

If the MCDU is set to ALL and the respective engine is running


With the ice detection mode selector set to ON, when will the engine A/I system operate?

When the engines are running


How do you recognize tailplane icing? What is the recommended recovery procedure when tailplane icing is felt?

-Lightness of yoke and usually occurs after changing configurations (flaps)
- Undo what you just did, use power judiciously, pull back on yoke


When must engine A/I be on?

All flight and ground ops when icing conditions exist or when ICE is annunciated, except in climb and cruise


When the ice detectors automatically activate the engine and wing A/I how long will the ice detectors remain activated?

For 5 mins after the detector is no longer sensing an icing condition