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What type of landing gear is installed?

Retractable tricycle landing gear


How is the landing gear extended and retracted?

Electronically commanded and hydraulically actuated


In a 180 turn on the ground will the tail clear if the wingtip does?



How many sensors are there for each gear?

2 uplock and 2 downlock sensors


Can you monitor the brake pressure and brake temp?

Yes, on the MFD status page


When will the aural warning for the landing gear sound?

If not down and locked and:
- = 5 or:
- Dual radio altimeter fail (will silence with LG INHIB pressed if flaps 0-4)


How long would you expect to have to wait after lowering the gear handle to see a red icon indicating a discrepancy a gear position and the LG lever position?

20 secs after the discrepancy is detected. The amber in-transit icon will illuminate or some combo


When is the LG WRN INHIB switch used?

To inhibit the landing hear warning in the event of a dual radio altimeter failure


What is the indication of the LG WRN INHIB button?

Only if both radio altimeters have failed


Can the landing gear aural warning be silenced by using the LG WRN INHIB button?

Only if both radio altimeters have failed


What will cause LG WRN INHIB system to reset allowing a new warning activation?

- The flap selector is set to 5 or FULL positions without any landing hear down and locked, or:
- TLA over 45/59 deg (both/single eng)


What are three landing gear extension modes?

- Normal: LG lever down
- Electric override: bypasses PSEM to directly command selector valve
- Alternate gear extension: manual uplock release opens free-fall sequencing valve


What is the purpose of the DN LOCK RLS button on the landing gear lever?

- Mechanically releases the landing gear lock
- Lock protects against inadvertent landing gear retraction when weight on wheels


When would you use the electrical override switch?

When the normal extension mode fails, the electrical override system bypasses the PSEM and energizes the landing gear selector allowing extension


How do you lower the gear if you lose all hydraulics?

Alternate gear extension handle


When would you use the alternate gear extension procedure?

The alternate extension procedure would be used in the event of a failure of the electric and hydraulic systems


When the alternate gear extension lever is pulled, it does what?

It relieves hydraulic pressure in the landing hear lines and releases all landing gear unlock. The gear falls by gravity


After using the alternate gear extension system can you restore normal gear operation?

Yes, by placing the alt gear lever back in its initial position


What keeps the gear locked in position

Extended: downlock springs
Retracted: uplock hooks


Describe the landing gear indications

- Green: down and locked
- White: up and locked
- amber: in transit
- red: gear position and lever disagreement (20 sec grace period)


How do the landing gear doors actuate?

Mechanically, during landing gear extension or retraction


How are the brakes commanded?

- Brake-by-wire
- Electrically commanded, hydraulically actuated
- Pedal position transducers send brake requests to the BCM (brake control module)


What hydraulic systems provide brake pressure

- HYD 1: outboard brakes
- HYD 2: inboard brakes
- HYD 1 and 2: parking/emergency brakes


What protections are provided for braking?

- Touchdown: No braking until 3 secs or >50 knots wheel speed after touchdown
- Anti-skid: compares when speeds and releases pressure (ions


We have only 2 brake control modules (BCM). Which one controls which brakes?

- BCM 1 controls outboard brakes (DC ESS BUS 1)
- BCM 2 controls inboard brakes (DC ESS BUS 2)


When is locked wheel protection deactivated?

When the faster wheel speed


Locked wheel protection compares wheel speed signals between which brakes?

Between the L and R inboard or L and R outboard brakes


How many applications will the parking/emergency brake provide?

6 applications or 24 hours as a parking brake


Is operation of the landing lights on the ground limited?



Does the nose gear landing light and taxi light automatically extinguish with gear retraction?



When is the anti skid system deactivated?

When the wheel speed is below 10 knots


Anti skid protection is not available for which system?

Emergency/parking brake system


How is the parking brake handle released from the fully actuated position?

Top button must be pressed


How do you know that parking brake is set?

An ON light illuminates on the EMERG/PRKG BRAKE light


What stops the wheels from spinning during retraction?

- Main gear: BCM applies brakes after WOW
- Nose gear: snubbers in the nose bay stop the wheels


What disengages the rudder pedal steering?

The activation of the nose wheel steering


Which steering mode is used for high-speed control?

Rudder pedal steering mode


When is the free wheel steering mode activated?

When the steering angle is greater than 76 degrees or there is a system failure


How can you disengage nosewheel steering

By pressing the momentary action disengage button on the control wheel or raising the ground crew guarded switch


What must be done to switch to free wheel steering mode?

Push the steering disengage switch


When the steering disengage switch is activated disengaging the nosewheel steering system, how is the system re-engaged?

Steering handle must be momentarily be pushed down


Which hydraulic system controls the nosewheel steering?



How far does the nosewheel turn (max) in either direction?

76 degrees but is reduced as speed increases


What is the max nosewheel steering angle using the rudder pedals?

+- 7 degrees


Does the tiller work on takeoff roll?

Yes but authority is decreased as a function of speed. Up to 76 degrees until 40 kts, decreasing to 7 degrees at 100 kts


Is there ever a time when freewheel steering is automatically selected?

Yes, when steering angle is more than 76 degrees, failure of the WOW sensor or steering system failure is detected


How can the towing lights on the nosewheel be tested

With a test switch on the back of the lights


How does the ground crew know that the nosewheel is disengaged and towing is allowed?

There is a green towing permissible light on the nosewheel. The red towing not permissible light will engage when the nosewheel steering is not disengaged


How many emergency/parking brakes do we have?



The PF calls for the gear up, the PM states "gear up", places the landing gear lever in the up position. The LG LEVER DISAG message is displayed on the EICAS, where would you find the procedure to deal with this message? Should you recycle the gear first?

In the QRH, No


What are the limits for the nosewheel steering?

- Angle varies with groundspeed
- Up to 40 kts: 76 degrees
- 41 to 100 kts: Decreases linearly from 76 to 7


If the parking brake is used for landing instead of the main foot brakes, is there anti-skid protection?

No, anti-skid protection is only with the foot brakes


How do you check the auto brakes?

On the 190, verify the AUTOBRAKES on EICAS shows OFF


What conditions must be met for the Autobrakes to engage during a rejected takeoff?

- Thrust levers IDLE or REV
- Wheel speed above 60 kts
- Brake pedals not pressed


How are the auto brakes disarmed

-Selector to OFF
- Brake pedal pressure applied
- Brake control system failure detected
- Either thrust lever is advanced beyond idle during auto brake application


After touchdown with auto brake use, how do ou verify normal operations of the braking system?

At 80 kts press the brake pedals to disengage the autopilot


What are the max gear extension, retraction and operating speeds?

250 kts


What does a red icon indicate on the landing gear position indicator?

A discrepancy between the landing hear lever position and the respective landing gear position