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IT (information
~ makes it possible for ideas to be shared by people
around the globe.
an ~ company
a mobile phone (n) A ~ is a handy little tool you can use for making calls
or receiving text messages.
=cell(ular) phone (US)
NOT: a handy
transmit (v)
data transmission (n)
With SMS (Short Message Service), you are able to ~
up to 160 characters.
However, data ~ via mobile phones is still rather slow.
 ~ a disease
a transmitter (n)
virtual Interactive computer terminals allow visitors to take a ~
walk through 19th
-century London.
 ~ reality (n)
a cursor (n)
click sth (v)
A computer mouse controls the movements of the ~ on
the computer screen, e.g. by ~ing the left mouse button
twice you can highlight a word.
highlight sth
 click the left mouse
scroll (v) You can ~ up and down a text by clicking on the ~ bar
at the right-hand side of your screen.
hard disc /disk (US) /
hard drive (n)
You can save your files onto your ~ and back them up
on an external hard drive.
digital versatile disc
an operating system
The new ~ should be compatible with existing
e.g. Windows / Linux
(v: your computer)
If your system crashes, usually all you can do is to ~
your computer.
 boot your computer
(have) access (to sth) An increasing number of students have ~ to the Internet
at home.
= the opportunity to
use the WWW
invalid (adj) The message read: "Error - your name contains an ~
↔ valid (adj)
a search engine (n) ~s are tools helping users to browse through millions of
"surf the net"
subscribe (v: to sth) If you ~ to an online provider, you have to pay a
monthly or annual fee in return for Internet access.
a subscription (n)
download (files) Most providers ask customers to ~ the software needed
to run their applications.
word processing (n) ~ means using a computer to create, store and print
texts, usually typed on a keyboard.
 ~ software
cut and paste (v) This function allows you to ~ text, i.e. copy and move
text between several documents.
mix flour and water
to a smooth paste.
a spreadsheet (n) A ~ is a computer programme used for financial
planning: you enter data in rows and columns and the
programme calculates costs etc. from it.
a sheet of paper
sensitive (adj) With hand-held computers, you use a pen to navigate
around a touch- ~ screen.
sensible (adj)
wireless (adj) An increasing number of keyboards use infrared ~
= cordless (adj)
a telephone wire
converge (v: with sth) Several companies are working on ~ing TV sets with
convergence (n)
(an e-mail) account (n) The first thing she does every morning is to log into her
e-mail ~ and check her mail.
contact sb via / by
an attachment (n) Many e-mails include ~s containing text files or
pictures, for example
please find attached
ban sth (v) Several interest groups have called for ~ning online
pornography or other content unsuitable for children.
= declare it illegal
censorship (n) Opponents of such a move, however, claim that it would
constitute ~.
censor / edit sth (v)
unsolicited (adj) Many people are sick and tired of getting tons of ~ junk
mail, which is also called spam.
= material that you
have not asked for
bid (at auctions) Many people use the Internet to check stock-market
prices or ~ at auctions.
submit a ~ for sth
a teleworker (n) Studies predict that the number of ~s, i.e. people
working at home via the Internet, will steadily increase.
teleworking (n)
speech recognition (n) Speech ~ software gives you the possibility to enter
spoken text via a microphone.