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Describe Sebaceous Glands

• Holocrine glands
• Branched acinar glands with short ducts
• Found everywhere except palms and soles
• Continuously produce sebum
• Released into hair follicle
• Growth is stimulated at puberty by sex hormones


Describe merocrine glands

• Coiled, simple tubular secretory portions:
• Lined by simple epithelium
• Apical dark secretory cells secrete glycoproteins
• Basal clear cells secrete water and electrolytes
• Myoepithelial cells
• Duct system consists of stratified cuboidal epithelium except in epidermis.
• Cholinergic endings


What are the two types of sudoriferous glands?

merocrine and apocrine


Describe apocrine glands

• Found in labia majora, areola, and axillary and anal regions.
• Secretions are thicker and more viscous than merocrine types.
• Excretory duct opens into hair follicle.
• Adrenergic innervation
• Inactive until puberty
• Special types:
• Ceruminous glands
• Glands of Moll


List the components of a hair follicle.

• Root
• Free shaft
• Hair follicle


What is a hair follicle developed from?

epidermis as elastic, keratinized threads


What are associated with hair follicles?

Sebaceous glands and arrector pili muscles


Describe a hair bulb.

• Expanded lower part of hair follicle
• Matrix
• Vascularized dermal papilla


List and describe the two sheaths of a hair follicle.

• External root sheath:
• Down growth of epidermis
• Internal root sheath:
• Generated by bulb matrix
• Layers:
• Henle’s layer (outermost)
• Huxley’s layer
• Cuticle
• Interlocks with cuticle of hair shaft


List the layers of the hair shaft.

• Medulla (innermost)
• Cortex
• Cuticle


What cells can reestablish epidermis in severely burned

Keratinocyte Stem Cells


List the migration pathways of keratinocyte stem cells.

• Bulb-epidermis stem cell pathway
• Bulb-sebaceous gland stem cell pathway
• Bulb-hair stem cell pathway


List the signalling pathways of keratinocyte stem cells.

• Wnt signaling pathway
• Notch signaling pathway


You treat a cancer patient with chemotherapy. Which layer of the skin will most likely be affected by the chemotherapy treatment?

stratum basale


You examine a slide of skin taken from the palm of a cadaver. You notice that there is an extra layer of skin between the stratum corneum and granulosum. What is this extra layer?

stratum lucidum


You encounter a patient in the ER who has suffered a second degree burn. What type of cells in the skin will regenerate the epidermis?

Keratinocyte stem cells.