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This function is responsibly for communicating arranged interchange for reliability evaluation and for communicating confirmed interchange to be implemented between BA's

Interchange Coordinator, Interchange Authority, Sink BA, these terms are used interchangeable


What are E-tags

the most common method used for exchanging interchange information


What is an interchange

is energy in MW's the crosses BA's boundaries


What is an interchange transaction

an agreement to transfer energy from a seller to a buyer that crosses one or more BA boundaries (source BA to sink BA)


What is and interchange Schedule

an agreed upon interchange transaction including MW's start and end time, beginning and ending ramp times and rate, type required for delivery and receipt of power and energy btwn the source and sink BAs involved in the transaction along with the intermediate BA's along the transfer path


Interchange decisions are based on what established reliability criteria

Power transfer limits, voltage support and transmission rights


Who is responsible for ensuring arranged interchanged for dynamic schedules are submitted to the interchange authority

Purchasing selling entity (PSE) and Load serving entity (LSE)


Who is responsible for ensuring arranged interchange is submitted to the interchange authority when it comes from a joint owned generator or in an emergency interchanged transaction or bilateral inadvertent payback?

Sink BA


Each ________ BA shall ______ interchange schedules with the ________ BA prior to implementation in the BA's ACE

Receiving, confirm, Sending


Sending and Receiving BA's must agree upon the Interchange details which include...

Scheduled start and stop times, energy profile which includes MW profile and ramp rate


If there is an disagreement or misunderstanding in the interchange details what can occur once the info is inputted in the BA's ACE

frequency error, time error accumulation and inadvertent interchange


If an interchange transaction includes a HVDC operator who informs the HVDC of the interchage

both sending and receiving BA


Who is responsible for modifying a tag for and dynamic schedule?

purchasing selling entity


more or less then 250mws on a dynamic tag

if a tag is greater than 250 MW and actual hourly integrated is +/- 10% the PSE must update the tag.
if the tag is equal to or less than 250 mw and the actual hourly integrated is +/- 25MWh the PSE must update the tag.


When a reliability event caused for curtailment on a tag, when the event is over who must release the limit on the tag and communicate the release to the Sink BA

the entity that initiated the curtailment


Interchange schedules may be implemented bwtn

adjacent BA


Define Available Transfer Capability (ATC)

is the amount of transfer capability on the transmission system remaining after already committed uses.


Define Total Transfer Capability (TTC)

The amount of power that can be safely transferred over the transmission system while meeting all pre- and post contingency conditions


The intermediate BA receives ______ of energy to replace losses the interchange causes on its system



Exceptions for abnormal or emergency conditions with regard to interchange transactions

loss of generation that requires immediate assistance, existing interchange must be modified for reliability reasons or a new interchange is required for reliability. a after the fact schedule will take place


Rules for emergency interchange in a reserve sharing group

if reserves are called upon for more then 60 mins the BA needs to schedule an interchange tranaction, if less then 60 mins they do not need to


If RC directs to modify a active interchange schedule how long does the BA have to change tag

60 mins


When a source BA evaluates an arranged interchange it is important to consider

whether there is enough generation to satisfy the magnitude of the interchage and meet is reserve requirement


What do BA's evaluate with arranged interchange

energy profile, generator ramping capability, scheduling path


What to transmission service providers review on an arranged interchange

valid transmission service remains within SOL


being served on a real time basis is the same as..

dynamic schedule ????? not postive


before an interchange is submitted who confirms the ramping requirment

both sink and source BA's


the sink BA evaluating and interchange considers..

whether the sink BA will be able to reduce generation to accommodate the interchange


LSE and PSE shall ensure that arranged interchange is submitted to the interchange authority for all dynamic schedules at the expected....

Average MW profile for each hour