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If a major disturbance happens what are some things the RC has

Location of break points, status of facilities required to assit in restoration, knowledge of black start resources and resoration procedures


RC has decision making authority to direct the actions of who

TO's BA's GO's TSP's LSE's PSE's


When RC gives directives how long to comply

30 mins


Entities shall comply with all RC directives unless such actions would violate what?

Safety requirements, equipment requirements and regulatory or statutory requirements


Reliability Coordinators shall have clear, comprehensive coordination agreements with adjacent Reliability Coordinators to ensure that System Operating Limit or Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit violation mitigation requiring actions in adjacent Reliability Coordinator Areas are __________.



What data is given to the RC from the operating entities

Generation status changes over 50mw, transmission status changes over 100kv and daily, hourly and weekly forcasted system loads


what do RC monitor in real time to ensure system relaibility

generators, transmission lines, buses, xfmrs, circuit breakers, real and reactive power flows and operating reserves


what kind of analysis tools do RC use

state estimator, pre and post contingency analysis and wide area overview maps


Each Reliability Coordinator shall have ________ communication capabilities with its Transmission Operators and Balancing Authorities, and with neighboring Reliability Coordinators.



Reliability Coordinators should have monitoring systems that provide information that can be...

easily understood and interpreted


Each Reliability Coordinator shall have monitoring systems that provide information that can be easily understood and interpreted by the Reliability Coordinator's operating personnel. Giving particular emphasis to

alarm management and awareness systems, automated data transfers, and synchronized information systems


what is the timeframe of the next day study

tomorrow plus 6 days


True or False---- entities must comply with RC directives for next day assesments the same as they would for real time events



Who must comply with directives for next day assessments

TO's BA's and TSP's


How often must a RC perform a real time assessment to determine if its wide area is exceeding or expecting yo exceed and IROL

at least once every 30 mins


For each IROL violation the RC identified, the RC should have one

operating process, plan and procedure


To prevent instability, uncontrolled separation, or cascading outages that adversely impact the reliability of the interconnection by ensuring that the Bulk Electric System is assessed during....

the operations horizon


Special Protection systems is the same as

Remedial action scheme


Who is notified if a RAS has potential to fail to operate



What are some mitigating actions for geomagnetic disturbances

reduce generator output, removing transmission line and place alternative voltage control equipment in service


When RC's need to coordinate with each to relieve reliability issue the are procedures in place, these procedures must be

agreed and distributed


A Reliability Coordinator's Operating Procedures, Processes, or Plans must address what?

communications and notifications, energy and capacity shortages, Planned or unplanned outage information, Voltage control, including the coordination of reactive resources for voltage control


conference call btwn RC's happen how often

at least weekly


IRO-003 intends for RC's to have a wide area view of it own RC area and that of neighboring ____________,



if analysis tools are unavailable due to planned maintenance activities, it is the responsibility of the Reliability Coordinator to have procedures in place to

mitigate the effects of analysis tools outages


If necessary, the Reliability Coordinator shall direct the Balancing Authorities in the Reliability Coordinator Area to arrange for assistance from neighboring



Conditions that might require a Reliability Coordinator to notify other Reliability Coordinators include

sabotage events, Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit violations, voltage reductions, insufficient resources, arming of special protection systems


The impact of an event that results in frequency-related instability; unplanned tripping of load or generation; or uncontrolled separation or cascading outages that affect a widespread area of the Interconnection. Is known as what?

Adverse Reliability Impact event