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Inclusion of video on Web pages requires...?

broader bandwidth.


Video can be exported in a wide range of Web formats using...?

a number of different compression schemes designed to make the file small for easier online delivery.


Video is effective because ...?

multiple senses involved; enhances learning


Video often used in education because it accommodates...?

different learning styles.


Web sites designed to entertain are more likely to include...?

video clips that are other types of sites.


Analogue video is generally...?`

linear; it has a beginning, a middle, and an end and is recorded as a signal


Because videotape is linear, you must either...?

fast-forward or rewind to get to the video segment you are interested in viewing or digitizing


Before analogue video can be used in multimedia Title or Web site, it must be...?

converted to a digital format.


Video capture cards are used to convert analogue video to...?

a digital format.


VHS is the most...?

common video format.


S-VHS is a higher quality format than VHS, but...?

slightly lower quality than Hi-8.


Hi-8 is the highest quality analog video format found in...?

the consumer market.


Betacam SP is a high-quality, analogue video format used in...?

processional video editing.


Digital video is video that is already in...?

digital format.


DV standard: International standard created by a consortium of...?

10 companies for storing digital video.


DV cameras use a tape that stores the...?

video and sound in a digital format.


MiniDV is replacing...?

Betacam for prof. digital recording.


The DV specification defines both the...?

codec and the tape format.



Not suitable for video and is for high-end broadcast projects and uses 19mm tape and can cost up to $900,000 for an editing suite


D2, D3...?

Format used for professional video editors and television studios



Sony’s digital video recording format that has been set as the standard by the major producers of digital video camera technologies


The DV format uses "L-size" cassettes (prof.), while MiniDV cassettes are called...?



MiniDV "S" cassettes are 65 x 48 x 12 mm and hold either 60 or 90 minutes of video (11 GB) and has a constant data rate of...?

3.6 Megabytes per second


DVD (Digital Versatile Disc), also called Digital Video Disc can be used to..?

store digital video. Can store up to 4 hours of digital video from 4.7 GB to 17 GB


Quality of video on DVD is clear and sharp but due to difficulties with editing the MPEG-2 data stream, they are not...?

widely used in professional settings.


Digital storage on SD cards and internal flash memory means that over 50Gb of storage can be available for...?



High-definition video or HD video refers to any video system of...?

higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1,280×720 pixels (720p) or 1,920×1,080 pixels (1080i/1080p).


Guidelines for Using Video on the Web...?

- Use video when and where it is appropriate

- Keep your audience and delivery method in mind when designing video for a Web page

- Sound and Video clips should match or complement one another

- Keep video files at an appropriate size so they can be played on standard equipment to reach a wider audience; 1 sec. of uncompressed video = 24MB

- Use high-quality video footage that lends a professional feel to Web site

- Set up your video files to go with the graphic, animation, sound elements


Source frame rate...?

Speed at which the video is recorded.


Playback frame rate...?

Speed at which individual frames display.


Frames per second (fps)...?

- “A numeric value that specifies the number of video frames displayed in quick succession for each elapsed second of playing video.”

- 12-24fps needed to deceive the human eye otherwise appear ‘choppy’

- TV = 30 fps (NTSC rounded) or 25 fps PAL

- The greater the frame rate the better the quality and the bigger the file size. IMAX = 60fps


Resolution for video refers to the...?

horizontal – how many scan lines make up the picture and is a measure of video quality


Factors that determine the resolution of video include...?

- Aspect ratio: Ratio of width to height in the dimensions of a frame

- The frame size for playing video is expressed in horizontal and vertical pixel dimensions such as 800 by 600 pixels

- Bit depth: Number of bits used to describe the color of a single pixel


The higher the resolution, the larger the...?

size of the file.


In addition to frame rate and resolution, bandwidth, processor speed, memory, and monitor size are important considerations for ....?

Web-based video delivery.


The 4 basic steps in production are...?

- Video footage is acquired,

- Record, and digitized if needed

- Import the clips into video editing program. Settings: frame size, output file type, compression format, resolution

- Delivery and display the final video



- Involves visualizing and sketching each scene on a storyboard

- Scripts serve as the story that will be told with the video camera

- A flowchart specifies where video will be included based on choices selected by the user



- Process video after it is captured

- In most video editing programs, several different tracks are used to store video information

- Timecode track used to synchronize all of the components

- Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) measures video in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames

- Video on the Web can either be downloaded or streamed

- After video has been successfully recorded, digitized, and processed it is ready to be incorporated into a Web site

- If you plan to stream the video from the server, you will need to post your Web site with a Web hosting company that supports streaming


Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere...?

- Award-winning software solutions for editing and compositing video for Web

- Adobe Premiere: affordable, highly rated, non-linear, video-editing program

- Premiere based on open architecture; designed to be compatible with numerous software programs, extensions, and file formats


Adobe After Effects...?

- Compositing software program full of tools that can help create special effects for Adobe Premiere projects

- Adobe After Effects can combine an unlimited number of layers from files imported from a variety of other graphics and animation programs


Apple Quick Time Pro...?

- Software-based, video-editing system

- Provides a comprehensive, flexible, integrated set of media services to creators/developers working with video

- Work with a variety of different audio, video, and image formats



- Video-editing package

- Using familiar drag and drop, copy, cut, and paste functions, use iMovie to trim unwanted footage and to arrange video clips in any sequence