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Society depends on...?



The ______ is an effective way to present it.



By providing a consistent, user-friendly interface, the ________ makes info easily accessible to the multitudes.

Web browser.


Adding multimedia to websites makes the content....?

Accessible as well as interactive and fun.


Interactivity is an...?

Integral part of a successful online multimedia website.


Web based multimedia has become so...?



In a generic sense, multimedia is simply...?

The use of more than 1 media element.


For the purpose of discussion in this book, web based multimedia is defined as...?

An online, interactive experience that incorporates two or more media elements including text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.


A fundamental feature of most web based multimedia is...?

Interactivity, which gives the user some control over the content.


The Internet grew out of a project called...?

ARPANET, which was started by the military in the 1960s.


ARPANET was created in....?



The Internet is a network of networks that...?

Connects millions of computers and people around the globe.


The World Wide Web is...?

A system that permits the distribution and sharing of info around the world.


The www began in ...?

May 1991


Via the Internet, the www offers the...?

Fastest growing method for multimedia delivery.


Mosaic, the first cross-platform, graphical-user interface... Also known as...?

A web browser.


Mosaic was made in...?



Mosaic, fully exploited the...?

Web's hypermedia capability.


Browsers provide a visual interface that...?

Interprets and displays the text and other multimedia elements, such as graphics, animation, sound and video, included and referenced within Web pages.


Working with media elements that have been digitized means...?

The media elements have been captured in a code the computer can understand.


Some websites are linear, meaning...?

Users start at the beginning and progress through a set sequence of events until they reach the end.


Linear examples....?

Most digital slide shows and plays are examples of linear media.


Most websites use a...?

Nonlinear approach to navigation.


Nonlinear is preferred because...?

There is generally no established or predefined order, users have more control over what they are interested in pursuing, as well as what point thy enter and exit a web site.


Interactive multimedia enables the user to...?

Directly respond to and control any or all of the media elements at the web site.


Users of interactive multimedia applications become...?

Active participants instead of passive recipients of info.


The user determines what content is delivered and...?

When it is delivered.


Interactivity provides multimedia range and depth because...?

It requires creativity on the part of both the designer and the user.


Interactive multimedia also frees users by...?

Giving them choices.


Web-based multimedia has evolved into a...?

Billion dollar industry, and is still growing at an incredible rate.


It is becoming easier to include multimedia on webpages because...?

Of increased bandwidth, improved compression, more powerful processors and better software.


Web pages also allow us to get info from...?

Users. (Forms invite users to int


Spider based search engine...?

Automatically roams the www adding the contents of the web sites it visits to its database.


Directory bases search engine...?

Selective, meaning that humans choose which sites to add to the database.


Pay per click search engine...?

Gives priority placement to sites offering top bidding for keywords.


In order for users to find a Web site...?

It must usually be registered with search engines.


Visual learners...?

They learn or are inspired by reading, seeing or visualising.


Auditory learners...?

Learn best by listening.


Kinaesthetic learners....?

Learn by doing.


Research shows that people only remember...?

20% of what they see and 30% of what they hear. And when they see and hear it, they remember 50%. When they see hear and interact with it they remember 80% of it.


Benefits of using multimedia...?

- addresses multiple learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic)
- provides an excellent way to convey content.
- uses a variety of media elements to reinforce one idea
- activities multiple senses creating rich experiences
- gives life to flat info
- enhances user enjoyment
- improves retention
- enables users to control web experience.


Web sites that include multimedia enable web designers to create..?

Rich, multisensory experiences that accommodate multiple learning styles and enhance the users enjoyment at a site.



Improves when people are able to see, hear and interact with the content.


Use multiple media to direct..?

The users attention to one concept or idea.


When designing for the web we have to be careful not to...?

Overwhelm the user by trying to use multiple media to convey multiple ideas simultaneously.


Finding the right balance and relationship between....?

The media elements is critical.


When multimedia are incorporates into an application...?

More senses are activated.


One reason to use multimedia is to give...?

Life to flat info.


Multimedia encourages users to...?

Embrace, internalize and glean more from info because users can undertake the info from multiple directions.


Users of multimedia applications have an opportunity to read about info, as well as...?

To see it, hear it, and watch it move.


Most multimedia web sites consist primarily of elements that involve...?

The eyes and the ears, but this too is changing as research on touch and smell continues to be explored.


In the future, multimedia will provide greater opportunities and options to control ...?

The web environment whether it is for entertainment, research, education, or conducting business.


In an effort to accommodate an increasingly mobile society, multimedia will...?

Continue to evolve into an extremely rich and powerful info environment that will be easily shared across networks and experienced on hand-held devices that are getting smaller and and more portable each day.


Multimedia websites offer a variety of...?

Applications to a range of industries.


In the past, the _________ _________ was the primary creator and disseminator of multimedia.

Entertainment industry.


Surge of activity on the www has caused multimedia to become...?

More prevalent via the Internet.


Web has opened the doors of multimedia production to a variety of users and has...?

Expanded the application of multimedia outside the world of entertainment.


Once it was considered exemplary simply to have a presence on the web. Today...?

In order to get a visitor to return to your web site, you need more than just good content.



Allow users access to resources from around the globe.


Audio and video clips involve additional senses, thus improving ...?

Understanding and giving depth to a flat page.


Software package empower users to...?

Create multimedia websites.


E-commerce involves using the web to...?

Serve clients and customers and is one way to provide solutions for companies, small or large, that wish to sell products or services online.


E-commerce is about...?

Setting up your business on the web, giving potential customers access to your web site, and allowing them to peruse a virtual catalog of your products or services online.


By using the web to market their products, businesses can...?

Significantly expand their customer base, reaching a larger number of customers.


Businesses are able to stay open...?



Companies can improve the efficiency of...?

Order processing, reduce inventory and warehouse expenses, and lower the actual dollar cost of sale transactions, all of which result in higher profit margins.


Multimedia elements are much more likely to grab attention then...?

Text alone.


Multimedia elements are used extensively in...?

Advertising and marketing.


Web designers employ multimedia-authoring software to create...?

Unique, attention-getting advertisements with animated text and graphics.


E-commerce sites rely heavily on...?

Multimedia elements, such as a site search feature that visitors use to find products they want and online forms that visitors use to submit their orders.


Data handling and security are also important aspects of....?



Two types of companies do business on the Internet...?

Those companies that augment a traditional business with an online storefront, and those companies that use the Internet to reach potential customers. This company only exists on the Internet and has no storefront from which to conduct traditional business


E-commerce is all about using technology to...?

Streamline business, increase efficiency and improve sales. It is about lowering costs and establishing closer, more responsive relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.


Web based training is...?

Training or instruction delivered over the Internet using a web browser.


Advantages of online distance learning include...?

Freedom of location, open entry/open exit, self-paced instruction, immediate feedback, assessment, simulated experiences, and varied learning environments.


Academic institutions are using web based distance learning courseware created by curriculum designers and technicians, and computer-based evaluation and self assessment to...?

Educate and test students.


Distance learning has enable students to take courses, as well as...?

Complete certificates and degrees, online.


Educational institutions also find web based exams useful in ensuring that...?

Students have achieved a certain level of mastery before they advance to the next level.


Research and reference:
The challenge to developers is to make it easy for the user to find the ...?

Desired info, as well as to use other elements such as sound, video, and animation to enhance the user experience effectively.


Web site designers and developers rely on _______ ________ to ensure that the info on a website is accurate. However there is no guarantee that all of the info on the web is accurate or reliable. Be sure to verify info you read.

Content specialists.


Cross referencing...?

Multimedia research and reference materials provide links that give the user immediate access to related info.


Expanded search capabilities...?

Access to search engines enables users to locate specific topics of interest.


Multisensory experiences...?

By providing info through the use of graphics, sound, animation, and video, the research or reference material comes to life and is often more enjoyable and more memorable than text alone.


Although the main purpose of most games is entertainment, many websites are designed to...?

Educate as well as entertain.


Web Professionals must thrive on....?

Change and chaos, love learning, take initiative, and engage actively in self-education. (Because Web design and development can be time consuming, successful Web designer and developers not only must be good at what they do but must love what they do, or they will tire of it)


Executive Producer...?

Moves a project through production. They will work with clients and is particularly active in the development and delivery stages of the application. They are the team leader.


Project Manager....?

aka Production Manager, is responsible for forming a project, moving it into production, an over seeing its creation. This involves working with clients, developing original concepts, preparing budgets and schedules, hiring personnel, and assembling project teams, assembling resources and equipment, managing conceptual design, and managing production. They will have a closer day-to-day working relationship with the project team than the executive producer/producer will have.


Management related positions skills...?

Management Skills, high-level communication skills, the ability to see the big picture, understanding of Web-based multimedia tools, knowledge of copyright and other laws, negotiation skills, and human resource skills.


Production related positions skills...?

Skills in markup, scripting and programming languages, as well as Web-based multimedia authoring programs, excellent graphic and typography skills, artistic talent and a good understanding of design, good communication skills, and expertise with Web-based multimedia programs and creation tools.


Art related positions skills...?

Good graphic editing skills, a talent for layout and design, expertise in working with various drawing and painting programs, and a basic knowledge of Web authoring tools.


Content related positions skills...?

Excellent writing, editing, and planning skills, research skills, and attention to detail.


Audio specialist...?

Works with musical scores, sound effects, voice-overs, vocals, and transitional sounds, and is responsible for recording, editing, selecting voices, sounds, and music. Should have an indepth knowledge of streaming tech and multimedia


Support related position skills...?

Communication skills, attention to detail, and excellent human relation skills.


Computer programmer...?

Creates the underlying code that makes the website interactive and responsive to the users actions. Help craft and implement the project by writing lines of code that define the structure, interactions, and technical implications of certain decisions. The foundation of the project because they help the web team realise its collective vision.


Video specialist...?

Manages the process of editing original video. Today's web based video specialists need in-depth skills in digital video and video production as well as an extensive knowledge of streaming tech.


Web designer..?

Develops or refines a design process and efficiently creates a cohesive and well planned web site from the front end. They are both and artist and a t


Web developer...?

Ensures that the communication between the front end of the website and the back end is working. Makes sure that data input from users is properly verified and transmitted.


Web master...?

Responsible for making sure the web page is technically correct and functional on the web server and that the web server remains accessible to the user.


Animation specialist...?

Creates 2D and 3D animations by taking sequence of static images and displaying them in rapid succession on the computer screen. This creates the illusion of motion. Must have graphic design skills and skills in the newest animation programs.


Art director...?

Coordinates the creation of the artwork for project. Traditionally, art directors have primarily worked with visual and graphic artwork. However with interactive media, the art director may also be responsible for sound, animations, and video.


Graphic artist/designer ...?

Creating and designing all of the graphic images for a project. This includes buttons, bars, backgrounds, type, logos, and photographs. The graphic designer works closely with the interface designer and web designer to create a unified and cohesive look for the web site.


Interface designer...?

Responsible for the look of the web sites interface and navigation method. They create and design icons, buttons, and other onscreen elements that are used to navigate the site. This person is responsible for what users hear, touch, and feel. Need to understand both the human cognitive process and how to develop intuitive human interfaces. Consequently, these people will generally have a background in psychology with an emphasis on human factors.



Shoots and captures appropriate, compelling, and high quality photos to be used on the website.



Shoots and captures appropriate, compelling, and high quality video footage to be used on the web site.


Content specialist...?

Responsible for providing authenticity and accuracy to the info on a website. Clients often serve as content specialists, particularly when a website is being created for an e-commerce website.


Instructional specialist...?

Expert in designing instructional projects. Responsibilities include defining learning objectives and outcomes, as well as establishing the delivery and flow of a project around the best educational strategies. Should have a background in educational theory and curriculum development as well as knowledge of the basic principles of multimedia authoring.



Depends on website, there may be technical writers, scriptwriters, creative writers, or journalist involved in the project. Because most websites are interactive and nonlinear, web writers must learn to bridge the gap between journalistic reporting and traditional writing.


Production position...?

An entry level production position may involve tasks such as scanning and cleaning up photographs or optimising images for the web.


Quality assurance...?

A tester is responsible for testing a website on multiple platforms using different versions of different browsers. Testers also evaluate the design of the site and the intuitiveness of the user interface.


Sales/ marketing...?

Involved in providing input and feedback on the site. Once the site is completed, customer support personnel respond to users who have questions and problems.