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What happens in Pott's Dislocation Fracture?

An eversion sprain causes the deltoid ligament to avulse the medial malleolus, and the resulting snap causes the talus to strike the fibula, breaking it through the shaft.


What ligament starts on the head of the fibula, crosses over the popliteus, and attaches to another ligament in the middle of the popliteal space?

Arcuate popliteal ligament


Which tendon does the lateral collateral ligament run through?

The tendon of the biceps femoris


What does McMurray's Test check for, and how is it performed?

Test for the Meniscus. Pt lies supine, Knee is flexed at 90 degrees. Apply internal rotation (to load pressure on the Lateral Meniscus) or external rotation (to load pressure on the Medial Meniscus) and extend the Lower Extremity out straight. Check for pain.


How can you know which nerves innervate joints, generally speaking?

If a muscle crosses a joint, the nerve that innervates that muscle also innervates that joint.


What is the function of the transverse acetabular ligament?

Serves as a gateway for vessels

Connects the inferior aspect of the acetabulum


What is the function of the anterior cruciate ligament?

Limits rolling of the Femoral Condyles on the Tibial Plateau during flexion (forces sliding rather than rolling posteriorly), and prevents hyperextension of the knee.


What is the weakest intrinsic ligament of the hip?


What is that ligament's function?

The ischifemoral ligament


Preventing posterior dislocation


What is the general cause for dense pes planus?

Deformity or fracture of the bones of the foot


What important ligament passes weight from the talus to the rest of the foot?

The calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament


Which collateral ligament of the knee connects to its meniscus?

The medial collateral ligament of the knee


Give the correct setup and execution for:


Labral Distraction

Pt supine. Flex the patient’s knee to 90 degrees as above, but then lift on the leg to take weight off of the acetabulum. Check for relief of pain


What can cause all the members of the Unhappy Triad of O'Donoghue to tear together?

Lateral impact


What is the function of the posterior cruciate ligament?

Prevents the Tibia from going anterior when the knee is flexed


What is the function of the zona orbicularis?

Support for the relatively weak femoral neck


What gives rise to the oblique popliteal ligament?

The tendon of the semimembranosus muscle


Which of the two collateral ligaments of the knee is most likely to tear?

The medial collateral ligament


Give the correct setup and execution for:


Quads active test

Pt supine, knee bent. Physician pushes on the Tibia (as in Posterior Drawer), and instructs the patient to flex their quadriceps femoris. If the Tibia pushes outwards, it shows that the quads were initially relaxed, are able to be activated, and that there is a laxity in the posterior cruciate ligament.


What are the four structures involved in the Deltoid ligament of the medial ankle?

Anterior tibiotalar ligament

Tibionavicular ligament

Tibiocalcaneal ligment

Posterior tibiotalar ligament


What are the structures of the transverse arch of the foot?

Heads of the metatarsals




Which intrinsic ligament of the hip prevents hyperabduction?

Pubofemoral ligament


The lateral meniscus is connected to the posterior cruciate ligament by what structure?

The posterior meniscofemoral ligament


Give the correct setup and execution for:


Labral Loading

Pt supine. Flex the patient’s knee to 90 degrees while the patient is supine and apply weight to the acetabulum by pressing down on the femur. Check for pain.


What structures make up the medial longitudinal arch of the foot?

Phalanges and Metatarsals of the first three digits






Which ligament is tested for laxity by a varus stress test?

Lateral collateral ligament


(the ligament that would be stretched by the movement)


What is the technique for the Apley Grind Test?

Pt prone with the knee bent at 90 degrees, press down on the foot, and internally and externally rotate - checking for pain. You can also lift up on the foot (distraction), and if that alleviates pain, it is indicative of some sort of pathology.


What is the general cause for loose pes planus?

Laxity in the intrinsic ligaments of the arch


What is the strongest intrinsic ligament of the hip?


What it that ligament's function?

The iliofemoral ligament


Preventing anterior dislocation and hyperextension


What is the most likely ligament to tear on an inversion ankle sprain?

Anterior TaloFibular ligament (ATF)


Always tears first


What separates the lateral collateral ligament from the meniscus?

The popliteus muscle