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Where do the Deep Inguinal Lymph Nodes drain into?

Into the External Iliac Lymph Nodes


What might be damaged by a "cutdown" into the Great Saphenous Vein?

The Saphenous Nerve


Where does the Saphenous Nerve branch off from?

Femoral Nerve


In Cardiac Catheterization procedures, what vasculature can be used to look at the heart muscles, chambers, and valves?

Femoral Artery and Femoral Vein


What is the retroinguinal space?

Space deep to inguinal ligament and is divided into two compartments 

Muscular Compartment: Iliopsoas Muscle and Femoral Nerve

Vascular Compartment: Femoral Artery and Vein + Lymph Vessels



What are the superior, medial, and lateral borders of the Femoral Triangle?

Superior Border: Inguinal Ligament (forms the base)

Medial Border: Adductor Longus Muscle 

Lateral Border: Sartorius Muscle

Apex formed where Adductor Longus and Sartorius cross


What regions of the lower extremity are drained by the Great Saphenous Vein?

Medial Thigh

Medial Leg

Dorsum of the Foot


What provides blood supply to the body of the Femur?

Perforating Branches of the Deep Femoral Artery


What spinal roots contribute to the Femoral Nerve?



What is the difference between Femoral ring and canal?

The Femoral Ring is the opening to the Femoral Canal

Where we find lymph structures


What provides the primary blood supply to the head and neck of the femur?

Posterior Retinacular Branches of the Medial Circumflex Femoral Artery

Acetabular branch of Obturator Artery can povide blood supply to ligament of head of femur


What muscles and muscle groups are supplied by the Perforating Branches of the Deep Femoral Artery?

What compartment is each muscle in?

1. Vastus Lateralis (Anterior Compartment)

2. Adductor Magnus - Hamstring Portion (Medial Compartment)

3. True Hamstrings (Posterior Compartment)




What provides sensation to area 7?

Saphenous Nerve


Where are the Deep Inguinal Lymph Nodes?

Where does it receive lymph from?

Inside the Femoral Canal and medial to Femoral Nerve

-Lymph comes from deep lymph vessels of lower limb, perineal region, and efferent vessels from Superficial Inguinal lymph nodes


What is the femoral sheath?

What are its compartments?

Femoral sheath encloses femoral vessels deep to fascia lata

Lateral Compartment: Femoral Artery

Middle Compartment: Femoral Vein

Medial Compartment (Femoral Canal): Lymphatic Structures 


Where does the Femoral Nerve first form?

Within the Psoas Minor Muscle


What gives rise to the Femoral Artery?

Where can you first see it?

From the External Iliac Artery

-First seen deep to Inguinal ligament, halfway between ASIS and pubic tubercle 


What does the Femoral Nerve cutaneously innervate?

Anterior Thigh

Part of Medial Thigh

Medial aspect of lower leg and ankle (as Saphenous Nerve)


What provides sensation to area 5?

Cutaneous Branch of the Femoral Nerve


What is a Femoral Hernia?

Is it more common in men or women?



Loop of intestine goes through Femoral Ring into Femoral Canal, forming a swelling in the upper part of the thigh

-Below and lateral to pubic tubercle

More common in women


What provides sensation to area 6?

Cutaneous Branch of the Obturator Nerve


The Great Saphenous Vein passes though the _____ to join the femoral vein

Saphenous Hiatus


What muscles does the Femoral Nerve supply?

1. Illiacus Muscle

2. Quadraceps Femoris (all four heads)

3. Sartorius Muscle

4. Pectineus Muscle (even though it is an adductor and part of medial compartment


What makes up the floor of the Femoral Triangle?

Iliacus and Psoas muscles (more lateral)

Pectineus Muscle (more medial)


What are some of the branches of the Femoral Artery?

Hint: Introduced to 7 in this lecture


  • Medial Femoral Circumflex Artery: Head and neck of the femur
  • Lateral Femoral Circumflex Artery: Lateral thigh muscles
  • Profunda Femoris: Hip join and three muscular compartments of thigh 


  • Superficial Epigastric Artery: supplies anterior abdominal wall/skin
  • Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery: Lateral Thigh
  • External Pudendal Artery: External Genitalia and Anal Canal


What branch of the Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery supplies some blood to the Head of the Femur?

The Ascending Branch


What is an Inguinal Hernia?

Is it more common in men or women?



GI tissue protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles

-Above and medial to pubic tubercle

More common in men


What provides sensation to area 4?

Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve


What makes up the roof of the Femoral Triangle?

Fascia Lata: Deep fascia of thigh

Cribiform Fascia: superficial to fascia lata

Subcutaneous Tissue: fat