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Hepatic Portal Circulation

Carries nutrients from the stomach and intestines to the liver for completion of digestion


Hepatic Veins

Drain the liver to the inferior vena cava


Hepatic Portal veins

1. Superior Mesenteric Vein (Drain small intestine and 2/3rds of the colon)
2. Inferior Mesenteric vein (Drains rest of colon and rectum
3. Splenic Vein (Drains the spleen, stomach and pancreas


The Spleen

Checks ages of red blood cells, takes out the old ones, recycles iron and protein
Removed: Liver takes over
Splenic Blood: if punctured by a broken rib, you will bleed out rapidly


Hematogenous spread of cancer

Cancer transported by the blood, metastisis by the blood
Heaptic portal veins can do this
Pancreatic cancer -> move into the liver
Colon cancer -> mesenteric veins -> go to the liver


5 specializations of the unborn child

1. Umbilical veins (Oxygenated blood from placenta)
2. Ductus veinosis: In the lover brings blood to the inferior vena cava
3. Foramen (opening) Ovale: Sends blood to right atrium to the left atrium
4. Ductus Arterious: Skips the pulmonary trunk and sends blood to the aorta
5. Two Umbilical veins: starts at the internal iliac arteries, have very little oxygen and are waste, send out to the placenta for waste removal


5 events following birth

1. Ductus arteriosus contracts: Plumonary trunk blood circulates to lungs (Ligamentum arteriosum)
2. Foramen Ovale: closes within 1 year = fossa ovalis
3. Umbilical Vein: forms the ligamentum teres
4. Ductus Vensosus: froms the ligamentun Venosum
5. Umbilical arteries: Form umbilical ligaments


Atrial septal defect (ASD)

Patent (open) foramen ovale
Hole in the wall
blood travels back and forth btw R. atrium and L. atrium


Ventrical Septal defect

Improper heart formation
Extremely bab cannot be repaired
Most babies die, born blue



path over the hole, larger than the hole (because of growth as a kid and in adol.)
Put on the left side has much more pressure keeping the patch in place


Lymphatic Circulation

Lymph capillaries collect excess tissue fluid -> lymphatic veins -> through lymph nodes -> r lymphatic duct (upper body, right head and neck right thorax -> thoracic lymphatic duct (drains remainder of body) -> internal jugular/ subclavian veins


Lymph Nodes

Responds to infection
Trying to break it down
First line of defense is neutrophils
Lymphocytes are next



Abnormal cell division
lymph nodes do not react to cancer because the cell is not foreign
Cancer passes through lymph nodes


Lymph Node inspection

Lymph node adjacent to the tumor is inspected
If it's in the lymph then we know it has spread
Lymphatic Metastasis


Breast Cancer

May enter into the axillary lymph N. may enter other nodes


Sentinel Node

First to receive the lumph
Checked for cancer from a tumor


Lymph Edema

Swollen lumb when lymph backs up in limb when lymph is removed (from cancer)
Last several years.