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How is Hercules' way of dealing with the dragon different from his deeds? Refer to page 535

He asks Atlas to do it because Atlas owns the Dragon.


What do you think Hercules might be thinking when Atlas prepares to go on his way? Support your opinion with text details. Refer to page 535.

That he will have freedom forever and not come back.


What has Hercules just Done? Refer to page 536. Why does Hercules do this?

He took the Golden Apple to King Eurystheus.


What does this part of the story show about Hercules? Refer to page 536.

That he is very strong, smart and brave.


Do you agree that Hercules is resourceful? Support your opinion details from the text.

No, because he asked Atlas to bring him the apples, and Zeus helped him to kill the Hydra.


Does Hercules succeed in reaching his goal? What is the evidence.

Yes, because he completed his tasks, and he went back to his fathers grace.


What traits does Hercules demonstrate on his quest? Support your ideas with text evidence. List the page where it is found.

That he is strong, smart, and intelligent. Page 532.