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(Pages 626-627) Why does A.J. believe that Garth is no longer his friend?

Because Garth shot rubber bands at him in school.


(Pages 626-627) What does Humphrey discover about A.J.'s behavior in school from watching his family at home?

That A.J. speaks loudly at school, but his whole family at home is extra loud!


(Pages 626-627) How is A.J.'s house different from other homes Humphrey has been to?

The TV was always on.


(Pages 628-629) Do you think the Thomas family really loves watching TV or is watching TV just a habit? Explain.

I think it is just a habit because they think that there is no other thing to do at home and it is in the middle of the room so everyone would see it.


(Pages 628-629) Why is Humphrey getting frustrated?

Because the TV is always on and it is blaring so he can't sleep.


(Pages 630-631) Why does Humphrey feel like it is necessary to pull the plug on the TV?

Because it is too loud and he can't sleep.


(Pages 630-631) How does the family react when the TV suddenly goes off?

They react like an earthquake happened and they were surprised.


(Pages 632-633) How does Humphrey's pulling the plug on the TV affect the story's plot?

That the Thomas' life is better without a TV.


(Pages 632-633) How does the Thomas family respond to life without a TV? What details show this?

They respond with more activity and fun, they play thing like cards, boardgames, and football.


What do you think the word "RELUCTANTLY" means on page 634? How does the context of the story help you?

I think it means they don't care I think that because the text states that they reluctantly shook hands and it says that they also didn't talk during the time


(Pages 634-635) How does Humphrey play a part in ending the conflict between A.J. and Garth?

That they soften up and become friends again.


(Pages 634-635) What do you think Mr. and Mrs. Thomas will do about the unplugged TV?

I think that they would plug it for on week and the next week unplug it and so on.


(Pages 636-637) What does the reaction of A.J.'s mother suggest about what she thinks of having the TV unplugged?

That she is surprised and that she would do what I said in the last slide.


How do you think the Thomas family will be different after Humphrey leaves?

I think that they would be a sport family and they would make more friends and have movie nights once a week.