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Why was Sacagawea important to the expedition?

Because she is a translator, and a Shoshone.


Charbonneau is described as wily, which means "cunning". In what ways is he providing to be wily?

He is like that because he only is good at cooking buffalo sausage.


What does the lost his wits mean in the last paragraph on page 592?

He lost his confidence. And balance.


Why do you think the success of the expedition depended upon having the supplies that the author mentions?

Because they might get lost without a compass.


Do you think the captains recognize that Sacagawea is more valuable to the expiration than her husband? What is the text evidence?

No, at the first, but at the near end Yes because she is a translator and a good companion.


Why did the corps build wagons after entering mountains country?

Because they need a fast transportation.


What can you infer from the fact that Sacagawea recognized some land marks?

That they are near the Shoshone territory, and that it is a coincidence that they are near.


What does the word sign mean in the last sentence of the first paragraph on page 595? How can you tell?

The sign means the Shoshone traditional welcome.


What qualities and skills do you think made Sacagawea a good translator? What is the Text Evidence?

That she speaks Shoshone, and she is very helpful.


What details support the idea that the journey over the Rocky Mountains was very difficult?

That they nearly died of hunger and of coldness and frostbite.


Why does the author point out that Sacagawea was to vote?

Because she was a girl and a Shoshone.


What does Sacagawea's gift tell you about her relationship with the Captain Clark?

That they are close friends and it seems like he is rare like the white weasel tails are.


Why is it important to Sacagawea that she accompany Captain Clack to see the ocean?

Because she has never seen the ocean.


Why might the Corps of Discovery have divided into two groups at this point in the mission?

Because they could cover more ground.


Why didn't Sacagawea let Captain Clack take Pomp with him to St. Louis?

Because it is her son and he is not even 2 years old yet.