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Does the author convince you that the Chavez family has no choice but to move to California? What evidence does she provide in the text?

Yes, because they need to sell the house.


Why do migrants workers feel powerless?

Because if they complain they will be punished, or even killed.


Cesar feel that his life is like form of slavery. What evidence in the text explain why he feels that way?

Because the owners might kill them and it is hard.


Why do you think so few migrant workers agree with Cesar at first? Explain your answer, using evidence from the text.

Because he was a migrant worker like them.


What is Cesar's strategy, or plan, for helping the farm workers? In your answer, define what is strike.

To walk to Sacramento, strike means to hit.


Why do you think the marchers plan to walk all the way to the state capital of California?

Because the government might help them change the way for the migrants.


How are marchers treated at the beginning of the march? How are they treated at the end.

First they were not getting respect, then when they were mentioned they got invited to dinners.


What is a contract? Use clues in the first and last paragraph on page 571. Why is it so exciting for the farm workers to have their own contract?

A contract is a government document that is like a law, or a argument that is sorted out on paper. They were excited because they now have better treatment, and wages.


What steps did Cesar go through to win rights for workers? Find places in the text where the author tells about these steps. P. 565-567.

The steps were that he had first when he was ten he had lack of schooling that embarrassed him for he rest of his life, he figured out that the farmers were treating them like tools more than humans. He had no clean drinking water, had shared outdoor bathrooms, and a tiny shed for shelter. He started paying attention to the outsiders and thought that there was hope, then in his twenties he decided his life for rights of migrant workers.


Essential Questions-Why is farming important?

Farming is important because it is a source of food and money, and some people live on farming.