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Why do you think the author begins the selections with the story of making tea?

To show that when she was very little she was determined.


What details from page 657 support the idea that Ester was a resourceful and independent young women?

That she was independent because she saw her mother sowing and mimicked and that shows she is independent because she doesn't need help.


What is a millinery? What context clues helped you figure this out?

Millinery means a Hat shop, it shows that this is the definition because on the next page it states that she opened a hat shop.


How has the author set up a contrast to help readers understand the meaning of a abolitionist?

That she started abolitionist meeting at a church.


Why did Esther decide to move to Illinois? Why was she denied land?

Because she wanted to claim the land that Artemis had, she was denied because she was Female.


Why do you think the author reminds readers that after the Civil War, African Americans men were granted the right to vote?

Because that shows that the women got to vote after all the men.


African men felt respected, but how do you think women felt? What would help women feel respected and included?

I think they felt left out, I think if they got the amendment earlier.


What responsibilities did Ester take on in South Pass City?

She did nursing, sew clothing, help deliver baby's, and give motherly advice to the young.


What do you think finally motivated Ester to help women get the vote after reading the proclamation?

That all the men got to vote first.


Describe the process of turning a suggestion into a law in the territory? Use details from page 662.

It first started from an idea than it goes on into the government, then the president.


How did Ester influence the legislators?

By asking them to come over to her house and persuading them to make the law and for her husband to vote for him.


What does the author think about the law? How can you tell? Use text evidence.

That she is happy because she is a women and she lives in Wyoming.


Why do you think Ester's son's supported their mother? Ideas about equality of woman? What text evidence supports your opinion?

Because she is their mother and he wants the rights for women.


What evidence does the author provide to show Ester's importance in history?

That she got the rights for women.


What evidence does the author use to support the idea that Ester was still as confident and independent as ever when she became a judge and when she voted?

That she could do anything she wants if she puts her heart and soul to it.