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There are ______ Municipalities in New Jersey?



There are _____ Counties in New Jersey?



Which form of government was established by the "Walsh Act"?

The Commission Form


What are some of the powers of a Municipality?

Organize and regulate Internal Affairs
Adopt and enforce ordinances and impose penalties
Sue and be sued, contract and be contracted, adopt, amend and repeal ordinances and resolutions
Exercise powers of taxation , borrowing and condemnation


Is a municipality a corporation?



How do you change your form of government?

Conduct a Charter Study, create a Charter Study Commission. Commissioners are elected by the general public


Name some of the duties of a Charter Study Commission

Study current form of government
Compare with available forms of government
Ask could the current form be strengthened
Determine if a changed form of government would be more efficient or economical


How many classes of Counties are there in New Jersey?



Are there different forms of County government?

Yes, there 5 others options


Name some of the forms of County Government

Traditional, Optional County Charter Law, County Manager Plan, County Supervisor Plan, Board President Plan


What is the elected term of a Board of Chosen Freeholder?

3 yrs.


What does "NJSA" stand for

New Jersey Statutes Annotated


What is the Estoppel Period in an ordinance?

The period of time (20 days) to go to court to stop payment. Heard by the Superior Court


Resolutions can be approved on one reading with the following exceptions.

Salary Resolutions now require public comment or hearing.
Budget Resolutions


What does the Open Public Meetings require?

The public and the press have advance notice of and the opportunity to attend most meetings


What is the annual notice?

The list of public meetings provided once a year 7 days following the reorganization meeting


Special Meetings require?

48 hrs notice and notice mailed and faxed to two newspapers and posted in the Municipal Building


How does the governing body go into Executive or Closed Session

The public body must adopt a resolution in the open meeting and read the adequate notice statement


What are some of the permitted topics for an executive session?

Federal, State law or rule of court requirements
Information that would impair funding the U.S.
Information that would constitute an invasion of privacy
Collective bargaining negotiations
Purchase, lease or acquisition of real property
Tactics and techniques for protection
Pending litigation
Employment, appointment, termination
Deliberations that may result in civil penalties


Rice Notice provides?

All personnel matters may be discussed in closed session, unless the individual employees or appointees whose rights could be adversely affected request in writing that such matters be discussed in public session


What is required to hold an official meeting?

A Quorum


What is a Quorum

The number representing the majority of members when duly assembled is legally competent to conduct business


Give some examples of Agenda items

Pledge of Allegiance
Statement of the Open Public Meetings Act
Roll Call
Approval of Minutes
Presentation of communications
Reports of Committees
Unfinished Business
New Business
Payment of Bills
Resolutions - Ordinance


All meetings must be?

Open to the public and can have a time limit


Are minutes required?

Yes, all public bodies must keep reasonable comprehensible minutes of all its meetings.


What is "OPRA"?

The Open Public Records Act.


What records must be made available under OPRA?

All records unless exempted by law. They must be available for inspection, copying or examination.


What are some "OPRA" exemptions?

Legislative Records
Medical examiner records
Criminal investigations
Victims records
Trade secrets
Attorney-Client privilege
Computer security
Building security
Advantage to bidders
Court orders
Personal identifying information


What is the DARM?

The Division of Archives and Records Management


What does the Destruction of Records Act do?

Defines a public record
Prohibits destruction without consent
Created the State Records Committee
Other Main Terms
Records retention Schedule
Record Series Titles
Retention Periods