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What is the definition of Human Resources?

It is the planned and continuous effort by management to recognize and develop opportunities to improve employee competency levels and organizational performance


What are the advantages of a Human Resource Development program?

Enhance Productivity, Improve Moral, Promote Individual and Departmental Growth, maintain or improve technical skills, Increase morale and cooperation


To determine Human Resource Development needs it takes what three types of analysis?

Organizational analysis, Task analysis, People analysis


What are two major difficulties in implementing an HRD program

Convincing empoyees of the merits of the program and finding qualified trainers


What are three types of HRD programs

Orientation, Re-Orientation and Leadership Development


What is the primary purpose of Orientation?

To explain policies, rules, benefits and disciplinary procedures


What opportunity does a Reorientation provide?

To introduce new policies and procedures or employee practices. You can also update equipment changes and operational procedures. Fulfill government mandated educational training


What are the two most universal tools in hiring?

The application form and the Interview


true or false. The most common form of hiring is the interview, even though its reliability and validity are generally low.



True or false. The effectiveness of the interview is not affected by poor preparation.



True or False. Prior knowledge does not cause any bias towards the candidate.



What are the five main ways to improve interviews?

Structure the interview, Have a trained interviewer, Provide the interviewer detailed job information, Standardize interview evaluation form and Take notes


Interviews should be... ?

Unbiased, fair, honest


Why should interviewers take notes?

To provide accuracy in the interview evaluation process


When is a second interview recommended?

If it's a key upper management position, the employees are very close in qualification or you need to include higher level staff in the process


Any job offer should be given in _______.



The offer should clearly state the conditions of employment as well as some if not all of the following

Agreed Salary Structure
Title of position
Hours of work / Start time
Starting date of employment
Person and location to report
Length of probation (if any)
Policy and benefits manual


Most government hiring involves some form of political hiring. Usually it is determined by

Past Practice
Union Contract ( Seniority over Ability)
Internal organizational politics ( friendships, nepotism )
Political Party politics ( campaign obligations or promises


Political hiring will have a _____ effect on the overall production of the organization.



In 1963 the Equal Pay Act established?

Employees doing essentially the same work will initially receive the same salary


The Civil Rights Act of 1964 established?

Prohibits discrimination in hiring, compensation and terms of employment on the basis of race, religion, color or national origin. 25 employees or more


Civil Rights Act of 1991 re-enforced the CRA of 1964 how?

It returned the burden of proof that discrimination did not happen to the employer. Permitted women and religious minorities the right to seek punitive damages. Needed because litigation had watered down the CRA and EEA.


What the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 do?

Protected employees aged 40-65 from discrimination in employment because of age.


What jobs are excluded from the Age Discrimination Act?

Pilots, Police, fire and college professors.


In order to file a discrimination suit, you must prove that one of the following conditions was violated.

The person is a member of a protected group
Adverse employment action was taken
Person qualified for job was denied position
Person replaced by younger person


What did the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 do?

It required companies receiving $2,500 a year or more in federal contracts to recruit and employ qualified disabled workers. Reasonable accommodations should be made.


The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 prohibits?

Discrimination based on pregnancy in regard to hiring and insurance coverage. It also provides reasonable time off for child birth and guarantees return to the same or equal job.


NJFMLA facts

Must have worked 1000 hours in 8 months
Must justify the leave
provide 30 days notice where possible
Can be paid or unpaid or combination
Health insurance must continue
Employee may return to the same position or equal. Position must remain available


Does NJFMLA provide leave for an employees own health condition?

No, Only Federal FMLA does that.


What will employee appraisals achieve?

Enforce the goals of the organization
Motivate employees
Enhance productivity