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Define Homeostasis

The regulation of the internal conditions of a cell or organism to maintain optimum conditions for function in response to internal and external changes


What three conditions does the body need to maintain at a constant level ?

Water levels, blood-glucose concentration, temperature


In the bodies response system, what are the receptors ?

Receptors are parts of the body that detect changes in the environment (a stimulus)


In the bodies response system what are the co-ordination centres ?

Parts of the body which process the information from the receptors e.g. (brain, spinal cord, pancreas)


In the bodies response system, what is the effector ?

The part of the body that initiates a response based on the change


Describe the pathway of a nervous system response

-A stimulus is detected by a receptor
-An electrical impulse is sent via the sensory neurone to the central nervous system (brain or spinal cord)
-The central nervous system sends an electrical impulse via the motor neurone to the effector
-The effector issues a response


Why is there a gap between neurones and what is it called ?

-The tiny gap is called a synapse
-The synapse makes sure that the electrical impulse travels in only one direction


What are reflex actions ?

Reflex actions are fast automatic responses, they do not initially involve the brain but rather the spinal cord


What is the pathway of an electrical impulse during a reflex action called ?

Reflex arc


Describe the pathway if a reflex arc

-Stimulus is detected by receptor and sends an impulse
-The impulse travels via the sensory neurone to the central nervous system (Spinal Cord)
-Electrical impulse sent over Relay neurone then to the motor neurone which travels to the effector which issues a response