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What are sensory, short-term, and long-term memory?

sensory - lasts from ¼ second to a few seconds
short-term - lasts from 20 - 30 seconds
long-term - unlimited capacity


What are iconic and echoic memory?

ionic - memory by sight
echoic - memory by hearing


What are explicit and implicit memory?

explicit - declarative and its behaviors that you can describe
implicit - things you cannot describe but know how to do


What is Craik and Tulving’s (1975) levels of processing theory?

ranges from shallow processing to deep processing


What are shallow and deep processing?

shallow - superficial and will not result in long term retention
deep - more in depth and allows for more retention


What are context-dependent and state-dependent memory?

context-dependent - one’s environment allows for better recollection (studying in same room room where you will take exam)
state-dependent - reating the same bodily state as when you were studying in order to better recall (chewing gum during exam if you chewed gum during studying)


What are anterograde and retrograde amnesia

anterograde - cannot form memories after injury
retrograde - cannot form memories before injury


Is eyewitness testimony reliable?

NO. Memory is easily manipulable.